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Unlike other Commonwealth countries, Cyprus did not take up the game during the years of colonial rule. It was brought by the British military stationed in Cyprus after the Second World War and confined to the British Bases, of which there are four: RAF Akrotiri, Episkopi Garrison, Dhekelia Garrison and RAF Ayios Nicholas.

In the 1970s, the expat community started to flourish and a team formed by them, 'The Moufflons' came into being and played in the then thriving inter-unit cricket.

In early 2000s, the community had expanded and Asian workers arrived on the island, bringing with them their love for cricket. About the same time, a number of Cypriots started to return to the island, after the troubles of 1974. They had been brought up in places like Australia and South Africa where they had learnt the game. Thus the Cyprus Cricket Association came into being.

Domestic Competition

There is a small but enthusiastic league of 10 teams. The forces currently have a couple of teams playing although their strength fluctuates as postings come and go. Likewise, the Asian-based teams, which now involve local colleges, vary in strength as contracts expire.

Over the past few years, Cyprus has hosted many touring teams, the most prestigious being an MCC side, which included former England captain Mike Gatting. The weather in Cyprus can be relied upon for cricket almost year-round, although January to March can be a bit wet and cool.


Every spring a six-week coaching course is held at Happy Valley, Episkopi. Invitations are sent to all schools and it attracts over 100 in the 8-18 age groups.

Cricket is mainly played on Sundays, this being the day when most are not working, but occasionally games are played on a Saturday or weekday. All the grounds have artificial pitches and cricket boots with spikes are not permitted.

International competition

Cyprus made its international debut in August 2006, finishing a hugely creditable runner-up in European Cricket Championship Division 4. They hosted the next Division 4 tournament, in September 2009 in Limassol, when they won four out of five matches to win the title on net run-rate. The U15 side has taken part in championships held in Spain (2007).