Postal Address: Bukovinska 126, Praha 9 Vinor, 190 17, Czech Rep
Main switchboard: + 420 608 826 480
General enquiry email: info@czechcricket.cz
Website: www.czechcricket.cz


There is a suggestion that a cricket club was established in Prague in the 1870s but historians are still trying to pin down some historical proof. What is certain is that cricket has been played in the Czech Republic since the 1990s and the Českomoravský Kriketový Svaz (ČMKS, or "Czech Cricket") was formed and affiliated to the ICC in 2000.

Cricket in the Czech Republic made significant progress in 2012 as an ICC-supported field, Kriket Vinor, opened to give the country its first privately-owned area for cricket. Previous years had seen the country's keen cricketers confined to city parks, although this didn't stop four strong clubs from forming, along with the Czech national team ('Lions') and a development team, the Eagles.

In 2009, the national side travelled to Corfu for the ICC European Division 5 Championships, where it finished third, a ranking repeated in the 2011 tournament in Slovenia. The team were unable to compete in 2012 but look forward to re-entering in 2014!

Czech Cricket is based in the capital city of Prague - the city of a hundred spires - and is looking to expand around the country, with an eye on potential grounds in the cities of Brno and Ceske Budejovice. The current objective is to bring the game of cricket to many more Czechs, and to provide the infrastructure which will support that objective.

The country hosts annual indoor league, T20 league and 40-over league competitions. Vinohrady CC won the indoor league in 2012, but Prague CC came out victorious in the summer tournaments.