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References can be found on cricket being played in Indonesia as far back as the 1880's.  In a recent bestselling book for example, about the explosion of the Krakatoa volcano and Jakarta society at the time, mention is made of a game played between the Batavia Cricket Club and a visiting circus eleven in Jakarta (the visiting circus team opted to play in full clown regalia and not surprisingly lost the match).  In these early days of cricket in Indonesia and Jakarta, cricket was played on a ground where the National Monument (Monas) now stands.

Almost an entire century passed where little more is known about cricket in Indonesia or little changed, but the formation of the International Sports Club of Indonesia (ISCI) in 1971, and a cricket section some ten years later, started the seed for cricket in Jakarta.  By 1992 there was enough regular cricket being played in the capital, through arranged friendly games and touring teams that the Jakarta Cricket Association (JCA) was formed and a competitive cricket league was established.

Around the same time as the JCA was founded a similar scenario was being acted out in Bali, where regular cricket matches at the Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur, led to the formation of the Bali International Cricket Club (BICC) and a few years later Cricket Bali was formed. Today Cricket Bali is proud to have at least three clubs which are 100% Indonesian managed.

However the introduction of cricket to Indonesians took root in neither Jakarta nor Bali, but in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, where an Australian Veterinarian surgeon, was so eager to have his son continue to play cricket that he built his own cricket nets and taught some of his domestic staff the intricacies of the game.  It is these individuals from Kupang who have become the pioneers of Indonesian cricket, and it wasn't long before this handful of Indonesian cricketers found themselves in Bali and playing cricket on a regular basis. Some of them were sent to Australia to be trained as level 3 coaches and these are the pioneers who are the regional development officers overlooking the development activities of Cricket Indonesia.

Once the Indonesian Cricket Foundation (Now called Cricket Indonesia) was formed in 2000, cricket has grown from strength to strength. Indonesia joined the ICC as an affiliate member and was placed in the ICC's East Asia Pacific region. As part of the ICC EAP development program Indonesia received funding and support from the ICC EAP to develop the game further to new regions in Indonesia. Cricket Indonesia functions through its regional associations: Jakarta Cricket Association, Cricket Bali, Bogor Cricket Association and Bajo Cricket Association.

Cricket Indonesia's regional associations organize leagues in their respective regions for seniors as well as juniors. Regional associations also host domestic and international tournaments which attract teams from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China and India. Regional associations have also introduced women's cricket and successfully organizes women's cricket in their respective regions.

Domestic Tournaments:

A number of domestic competitions are run in Indonesia. These include:

1.   Jakarta Cricket Association League.
2.   Cricket Bali League.
3.   Senior National Championships (Inter Province)
4.   Junior National Championships Under-19 (Inter Province)
5.   JCA Mini World Cup 20-20's
6.   Rolls Royce School League - Bogor (West Java)
7.   Bali School League - Bali
8.   Tetrapak Junior School League - Bali, Bogor, Bintaro and Karawang.

International Tournaments:

A number of international tournaments are run in Indonesia. These include:

1.   Jakarta International Cricket Sixes for 13 years. 
2.   Bali International Cricket Sixes for 9 years.  
3.   Bajo International 20-20's - Flores for 4 years.

Whilst Jakarta and Bali remain the main centres of cricket in Indonesia, the game has and is being played in a number of other areas, notably Flores, Medan, Bandung and Surabaya. Cricket has become a known sport in the country with the support of the KONI (National body of sports in Indonesia) and the Ministry of sports and culture. The Ministry of sports has recognised cricket as a growing sport and also pledged support for participation of the National Team in the 2010 Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou, China. 

The Indonesian national team took part in the first international tournament in a regional 8's tournament in Perth, Australia in 2002, and a year later the first full Indonesian team competed in the ICC EAP Cricket Tournament in Japan, where Indonesia defeated the hosts on the opening day. In September 2005 Indonesia took part in the ICC EAP Cricket Cup in Vanuatu the preliminary stages of qualifying for the ICC World Cup in 2011. The Indonesian National team also took part in the ICC EAP Trophy held in Auckland in December 2007. Apart from the above international tournaments, Indonesia regularly takes part in South East Asian regional competitions in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Cricket Indonesia also organises regular Coaching and Umpiring seminars and workshops with the help of the ICC EAP development team. Indonesian Umpire Shahul Hameed's success in the International scene is testimony of CI's dedicated development programs. Shahul Hameed is now part of the ICC Associates and Affiliates Umpires International Panel standing in EAP tournaments in Japan and Vanuatu as well as international tournaments such as the U/19 Cricket World Cup in Sri Lanka, the ICC Intercontinental Cup Cup in Scotland and UAE and ODI series in South Africa, Holland and Ireland.

In 2007 with the support of Tetra Pak and Ultrajaya, Cricket Indonesia along with Eco Bali a local NGO introduced a Socialization program with the main objective to promote the "Drink Milk Campaign" and to introduce the sport of cricket among school children in Indonesia by incorporating the message of nutritional benefits of drinking milk into school training activities & events. Through this program Cricket Indonesia is distributing 500 starter kits which include plastic cricket equipment (Stumps, Bats and balls), a certain number of milk cartons and other promotional materials. Through this program Cricket Indonesia Development Officers held "Introduction to Cricket" workshops for teachers and children and Tetra Pak provided training to the cricket coaches on the nutritional benefits of drinking milk which the coaches then pass on to children and teachers. With the help of Eco Bali, Cricket Indonesia was successful in educating the local community on the importance or recycling and keeping the environment clean. Cricket Indonesia along with developing the sport in Indonesia is also committed to community development through such social responsibility programs.

The Ultramilk - Tetrapak program received two regional awards from the ICC EAP for:
1.   Best Junior Cricket Initiative Award
2.   Best Cricket promotion and Marketing Program

The above two awards were nominated for the ICC global awards and Cricket Indonesia won the ICC Global award for the Best Junior Cricket Initiative.

The success of this program has promoted the CI and its sponsors to spread this program nation wide in 16 provinces in Indonesia in 2008 to culminate in an International tournament for the Under 15. Through the Ultra Milk U-15 development program today cricket is regularly being coached across the Indonesian archipelago right from Banda Aceh all the way to Jayapura. 
The Ultra Milk U-15 program though not completed has already won the ICC Global development award for 2008 back to back making it twice in a row.

Cricket Indonesia has grown in strength since the formation of AUSCI (Association of Scorer's and Umpires of Cricket Indonesia) in 2008, AUSCI's 10 point program plans to conduct education courses for umpires and scorers and provide neutral umpires for all the premier league games in Jakarta and Bali.

2009 is a big challenge for Cricket Indonesia with a list of high profile national and international events lined up as follows:

1.   Ultra Milk U-15 National Championships in May 2009.
2.   U-19 National Team in the ICC EAP U-19 Trophy in Port Moresby, PNG in May 2009.
3.   Hosting the U-15 ICC EAP 8 nations Trophy in Jakarta, July 2009. 
4.   Senior National Championships in August 2009.
5.   Hosting the ICC development Committee meeting in Bali. 
6.   Senior National Team in the ICC EAP Trophy in Samoa, September 2009.
7.   Senior national team in the Asian Games Qualifier in U.A.E, November 2009
8.   MCC tour of Indonesia in November 2009

Cricket Indonesia once again received recognition from the ICC when it won the Best Junior Cricket Initiative at the Pepsi ICC EAP (East Asia Pacific) Annual Awards for the third successive year in 2009. The accolade was picked up for the successful establishment of a new association, the Kupang Cricket Association. Cricket Indonesia Treasurer S.Gopalkrishnan was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award at the same event.

Cricket in Indonesia has grown from being a social game for expatriates to a recognised sport in Indonesia due to the strong volunteer base of the regional associations, dedication of Cricket Indonesia committee members and corporate sponsors like Rolls Royce, Crown Relocations, Tetrapak, Ultrajaya, Tunas Group and many others. Cricket Indonesia is committed to continuing the growth of cricket in the country, designing cricket development programs, developing a competitive national side and transforming Cricket Indonesia from an Amateur to a professional organisation.