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It may be of interest to learn that cricket has been played in México since the 1820's, more than 50 years before tennis was invented by Major Wingfield and 74 years before the Reforma Athletic Club was founded in México City.

The Mexican Union Cricket Club was formed in 1827.  A document discovered at Lord's (Marylebone Cricket Club) gives details of the membership between 1827 and 1838 .One of the founding members seems to have been Jr Poinsset the first ambassador to México, also known for the Poinsettia (nochebuena).

Cricket was played mainly by the expatriate British, many of who arrived with the influx of Cornish miners to Pachuca, and other industries following the independence of México in 1821.  However, it is clear that cricket was also played by other nationalities in the expatriate community.  Of course the laws of cricket have changed dramatically. Bowling was (as in bowls) underarm until the late 19th Century and overs were of 12 balls. "The dress of uniform ....shall be a flannel jacket, a straw hat, and white pantaloons ".

In the 1960's many British merchants and industrialists were established in México and there were a number of cricket grounds in evidence. There is even a photo of the Emperor Maximilian playing cricket at the Hacienda de Teji (now Colonia Cuahtemoc).

In 1864/5 W.H. Bullock wrote of his experiences in travel across México when he arrived at the "village" of Napoles.  "During the voyage out from England I had heard that cricket was played in the country, but supposed it would turn out to be cricket of that degenerate sort which one finds occasionally played by the English residents in different parts of Europe.  So that when I got to the ground, and found an excellent pavilion, a scoring box, visitors tent, the field marked out with flags with the well-known letters M.C.C (México, not Marylebone, Cricket Club) marked upon them, and some eighteen or twenty players in flannels and cricket shoes, I was a little astonished, and soon found out that I had to do with a very different sort of cricket to what I had expected.
Perhaps the most surprising part of the performance was that the best player on the ground was a Mexican, whose bowling and batting did infinite credit to the training which he received at Brice Castle School.

Among the English players were several gentlemen close upon sixty years of age, who all expressed to me their conviction that they owe much of the health and energy which they still possessed, in spite of forty years residence in México, to having stuck through thick and thin, to their Sunday cricket.  They assured me that they had never allowed political events to interfere with their game which they had pursued unconcernedly, more than once, in view of the fighting going on in the hills around them.

Being fully alive to the fact that cricket is nothing without beer, there is always a liberal supply on the ground, of a very excellent quality, supplied by the firm of Blackmore - a name revered, beyond all others, by Englishmen in México."

Entering the 20th Century there is an extraordinary record of the 1900 -1902 seasons of cricket matches from newspaper cuttings taken from the Mexican herald.  The league at this time was composed of two teams in México City   (RAC and MCC, both with their own grounds), Puebla, Orizaba and Pachuca.

Leader of both batting and bowling averages was a member of the Reforma Athletic Club, Claude Butlin, who was 24 years old at that time! This extraordinarily gifted sportsman went on to win the first ever point for México in 1924 in Davis Cup tennis at the age of 47.

During the revolution years and between the wars there are no records of cricket being played in Mexico. It is possible the clubs were deserted with many foreigners understandably leaving the country. However in the late 1960's the game was revived at the RAC´s new grounds in San Juan Totoltepec.  Now the México Cricket Association MCA is a newly elected associate member of the ICC, and the future of cricket in México is assured.

Their first participation in an ICC tournament came in June 2010 when it hosted the inaugural Americas Division Four tournament in Mexico City. Mexico won both of its matches ? against Costa Rica and Falkland Islands - to win the title at the first attempt, following that up by winning a 20-over tournament against the same opponents.

Mexico's best regional success came when it won the Central American Championship in 2007.