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Portuguese-speaking Mozambique is one of the few sub-Saharan countries where, due to colonial history, cricket was never an established game. Dominated by soccer, Mozambique only occasionally saw cricket being played on a very casual basis by immigrants and foreign residents from southern Asia, the UK and South Africa.

In the early 1990s, the management at the British-owned Hotel Cardoso launched an annual softball cricket tournament where various teams (who had generally formed because of their shared nationality) started taking part. In 1995, the Indian High Commission started a similar annual tournament known as the India Independent Cup.

By the initiative and invitation of Mr. Dipankar Sengupta, a founder member of MCA and after various preliminary compliances and contacts with ICC development management, ICC Regional Development Manager Hoosain Ayob visited the country in 1999 and 2000 to guide Mozambique cricket into an organization under ICC Cricket Development Programme guidelines as well as to audit the compliances of all criteria for the membership of ICC. The Mozambican Cricket Association was officially formed and recognized by the Mozambique Government in 2001 as a National Cricket Body and on 9th March 2002 was officially launched through a very attractive launching ceremony in presence of Government Ministers, senior dignitaries, ICC Representative and valuable sponsors. In June 2003 Mozambican Cricket Association become an Affiliate Member of the ICC.

International competition

Mozambique is participating in all International tournaments under ICC and ACA since 2004 till date in different categories namely; Senior, U19, U17 and U15 of men and boys and also U19 four nation tournaments of women at Botswana.

Mozambique finished as Plate champions in the ICC Africa WCQS (Affiliate) tournament in 2004. In 2006, it was the champion of ICC Africa World Cricket League Region Division Three before finishing third in Division Two in the same year, behind Tanzania and Botswana. Mozambique also participated in global World Cricket League Division 5 at Jersey, UK in 2008. It had finished fourth and fifth in subsequent regional Division two campaigns in 2008 and 2010. At junior level, Mozambique has participated in the ICC Africa U15, U17 and U19 tournaments in Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and also several international friendly games have been played at both senior and junior level till date.

Domestic competition

At senior level, domestic competitions include: the National Cricket League of 50 overs format and T 20 format. Mozambique has two tier Cricket tournament i.e. Premier League and Division B Cricket League. It has also Provincial Cricket leagues covering 3 provinces of Central Zone under CCMP - Cricket Commission of Manica Province. At junior level, it has: inter- and intra-schools from U15 to U19 tournaments among Boys and Girls, played under the NCSC - National Commission for School Cricket. As well as under CCMP at Central zone. An AMC development team is selected from the best schools players, up to the age of 21 in the category of Boys and Girls respectively, to participate in the National Cricket League and other tournaments.

Development programme

Since 2003 Mozambique has won maximum number of ICC Regional and Global Development awards among all ICC Africa Affiliate members. Until 2010 Mozambique has won 8 ICC Regional and 2 ICC Global Development Awards in various categories including 2009 ICC - regional Volunteer of the Year award winner - Ms. Ema Fernandes, first among non English speaking country in Africa. Under the National Commission for School Cricket (an organ of the Mozambican Cricket Association, which works in collaboration with the Ministry of Education) students from various Government schools have been exposed to cricket, from grassroots to U19 level where 99 per cent of the students are indigenous. Similar programme is deployed under CEN - "Centro Educational Njerenje" of CCMP at Central Zone. Probably Mozambique is the very first country of the Cricketing World where 99% Development players play Cricket in Portuguese language.
Umpiring, Coaching and CAP Courses.

Physical education teachers are the main force behind grassroots development. They have attended various coaching and umpiring courses and workshops, organized by the Mozambican Cricket Association and the ICC Africa Development Programme. At present scenarios Mozambique has his own ICC Level II qualified coaches to implement introductory and level one courses.
However it is to be noted that NCCU - National Commission of Cricket Umpire, an autonomous body under MCA constitution which is custodian of Cricket laws and rules & regulation as per MCC / ICC / ACA directives in Mozambique and independently looks after formation of Umpires and Scorers as well as deployments of the same to domestic and International Tournaments as per National and ICC Development Programme. At present Mozambique have 3 ACA - Africa Cricket Association enlisted panel umpires with vast International experience, maximum among any Africa Affiliates.

Mozambique also have 3 qualified advanced CAP instructors to organize annually as per ICC-Africa programme date lines for conducting domestic CAP - Cricket Administration Programme Courses.

Women's cricket

Since 2005, Mozambique has conducted introductory and grassroots cricket development among schoolgirls. In 2006, the National Commission for School Cricket was expanded to include women's cricket and there has been a tremendous response from girls interested in learning to play the game.

There are domestic tournaments among girls inter and Intra School) and women (U19 & Inter Club) under NCSC/ MCA in Southern Zone and CEN/CCMP of Central Zone under the development programme of MCA.

MCC Tour and ICC Africa U19 Tournament

Mozambique hosted very successfully MCC - Marylebone Cricket Club exclusive tour in Mozambique from 7th to 15th February 2009 where they played 6 games against various Mozambican teams. Mozambique also hosted ICC Africa U19 World Cup Qualification series in Maputo city February - March 2009. Eight African Countries participated in this tournament and thus Mozambique became the very first county among all Portuguese speaking countries of CPLP - Countries of Portuguese Language Communities.

Charity and Educational work

The UNAIDS awareness programme has already been introduced in several schools in Mozambique and the National Commission for School Cricket's development programme uses the same concept when introducing cricket to other school bodies. However Anti-doping awareness, Anti Corruption awareness and General Civic obligations are part of National Development Programme and implemented in collaboration with Ministry of Education from time to time.