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Russia became an ICC Affiliate Member in 2012.

In 1995 the first cricket match was played in Russia, where two teams made up of expatriates participated in a one off match. Despite a few one off matches over the next couple of years it wasn't until 1997 when a match was played to celebrate the independence of India and Pakistan, that a glimpse of the potential to establish cricket in Russia was shown.

In 2000 the first cricket league was established, and has been held in various formats annually ever since. Since 2004 all cricket matches have been held at two grounds: Moscow State University Baseball Stadium and the ISKRA Sports Complex.

In 2004 the United Cricket League was registered as a legal entity, now renamed Cricket Russia. Cricket Russia is the only registered National Governing Body for Cricket in Russia. Cricket Russia is recognised by the Multisport Association of Russia, this is the association for all official sporting organisations within Russia which are not yet Olympic recognised sports.

There are currently eight Men's senior teams:
- Moscow
- Friends Sports Club
- Ruskiy
- Sprandi
- Moscow Mongrals
- MosLions
- Textile Business Association

The captains of the teams are members of the tournament organising committees. These teams participate in two main tournaments each year, playing a minimum of 7 matches per team in a 30 over league format, and the same minimum number of games in the T20 Competition.

There are currently two Women's teams:
- Dolphin Cricket Club
- Shark Cricket Club

The U16 league consists of a 11 a-side, hard ball cricket, with 10 overs per side, playing each team twice.

All clubs and players must be registered with Cricket Russia.

Russia Cricket has official permission to play cricket at the main baseball ground at Moscow State University. The ground is of a good size and they share the usage with that of the baseball team. The surface is all artificial.

They have also been provided with a room near the playing field to keep all their equipment. Most of the matches and tournaments are being played on this ground.

The second ground is located at ISKRA Sports Complex. This is a shale out field with an artificial wicket laid on the middle of the pitch. This is used sporadically throughout the season for matches but it is used for practice regularly.

Early history

The game was played in St. Petersburg as early as the 1870s. In 1875, the British residents of the city challenged the sailors of the Prince of Wales’ Royal Yacht Osbourne to a match. By 1880 cricket was well established in St. Petersburg, with British diplomats and merchants challenging the British managers and foremen of the textile mills in an annual match. By 1895 there were 4 cricket clubs in St. Petersburg.

The Communist Revolution of 1917 put paid to the spread of cricket in Russia as it was seen as a game of the "bourgeois" and playing it was discouraged. With the British moving out of St. Petersburg following the Revolution, the game quickly died with them.[2]

Recent developments

United Cricket League (Cricket Russia) was founded in 2004 by Mr. Ashwani Chopra and Mr.Mohanjeet Singh Arora with the help of cricket lovers like Mr.Vineet Arora,Mr.Manish Rana,Mr. Samar Shakeel and many others. United Cricket league got an affiliation of International Cricket Council on 28th of June 2012.

United Cricket League( Cricket Russia) is the sole and legitimate governing body of cricket in the territory of Russian Federation. This year in March (2012) 1st cricket academy was opened in Moscow and at present 50 young native boys,32 senior native men and 58 native girls are enrolled and are learning the skills of the game. All the rules,regulations and coaching manuals are translated into Russian Language.

United Cricket League achieved the affiliation of International Cricket Council and reached new heights with the help of Mr.Alexey Kylasov,Mr.Arvinder Singh,Mr.Saqib Shaikh,Mr.Mahendra Mapagunaratne,Mr.David John Warlond,Mr.Abhijat Sawarkar,Mr.Alexander Ratner( President of Russian baseball Federation),Mr.Gorman Mathew,Mr.Suyogya Sharma and Mr.Sergey Kurchenko.

United cricket league is also thankful to the MSU baseball stadium for providing the facility to play and learn the game.

The bulk of the players representing the Russia national cricket team are drawn from the United Cricket League's annual tournament which is played in Moscow.

The Russian National Cricket team played their first home representative match against a touring side from North Wales - Carmel & District Cricket Club - at the Moscow State University Baseball Stadium in 2007.

There are also sporadic games of cricket played in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia.

A St Petersburg XI, made up primarily of students from, Mechnikov State Medical Academy also contested two Twenty20 matches against Carmel & District Cricket Club in 2007 using a proper cricket balls and equipment.

Highlights of Team Russia In 2008 Russian team participated in the 1st edition of European t-20 held in North Wales (United Kingdom) where it lost all the matches. In 2008 Russian team participated in the six nation t-20 cup in Czech Republic and were winners there. In 2009 Russian team reached the semifinals of the European t-20 held in North Wales (United Kingdom) . Here on its journey to semifinal the team remained unbeaten. In 2010 Russian team reached the finals of the European t-20 held in Macedonia. In 2012 Russian team participated in European t-20 held in Bulgaria and finished sixth there. The main highlight of this tournament was that for 1st time Russian natives played for the country.