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ICC began In-Competition testing at its events in 2002. In 2009, the ICC in its continued efforts to eradicate doping from the sport of cricket introduced into the ICC Code, No Advance Notice Out-of-Competition testing.

The ICC Code recognises and accepts that No Advance Notice Out-of-Competition testing is at the core of effective Doping Control, and without accurate information as to a player's whereabouts; such testing can be inefficient and often impossible. Therefore to facilitate the No Advance Notice Out-of-Competition testing, the ICC in 2010 developed whereabouts rules which came into effect on 1 August 2010. These rules have seen the development of two pools of players, (i) International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP) and (ii) National Player Pool (NPP). Players included in each pool are required to provide whereabouts information specific to their respective pool as detailed in the Whereabouts rules and in the respective documents About the IRTP and About the NPP. The document titled 'About the ICC Whereabouts Programme' provides a summary of how these two pools interrelate.

A Player who does not fall into either of the two pools is still subject to No Advance Notice Out-of-Competition testing wherein he/she may be tested at any time or place and on any day of the year whether or not he/she is required to provide information on his/her whereabouts.

WADA director general David Howman said, "The World Anti-Doping Agency congratulates the International Cricket Council for agreeing its new 'whereabouts rules'. It is another sign from cricket's governing body that it is serious about protecting the integrity of the sport. It will mean that the ICC's out-of-competition testing programme, under which any player can be tested at any time, will now be strengthened and it is a good step forward for cricket."

International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP)

The ICC has established an International Registered Testing Pool of players as per the WADA Code who, upon inclusion in the pool, must file in advance on a quarterly basis and keep up-to-date the required individual whereabouts information.

Only those players who meet the IRTP selection criteria and receive notification from the ICC to that effect are required to provide whereabouts information pursuant to WADA's International Standard for Testing (overnight residence, daily 60 minute testing slot, cricket training/playing information).

The responsibility to file and keep up-to-date the individual whereabouts information is always the player's; however the player can chose to authorise a third party such as their manager or family member to file this information on their behalf.

National Player Pool (NPP)

The ICC has established a second pool of players, the National Player Pool (NPP).

Upon notification of selection into the NPP, the player with the support of his National Cricket Federation (NCF) is required to file full details (location, full address, dates and times) of cricket whereabouts information (all team training(s), all matches, overnight hotel location(s) when with a team) for the upcoming month using the template forms provided by the ICC.

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