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Ramiz believes Richards 'changed cricket forever'

Ramiz feels Richards was the most destructive batsman during his time and his talent left the other greats in awe

Ramiz believes Richards 'changed cricket forever' - Cricket News
Ramiz Raja thinks of Viv Richards as the all time great of one day cricket.
Former Pakistan skipper Ramiz Raja believes that Viv Richards deserves to be regarded as the greatest one-day cricketer in the history of the game.

Ramiz, now a respected broadcaster, was the latest cricketing legend to contribute to the debate on who is the greatest player that world cricket has ever seen in one-day matches.

"There has never been a player as explosive and domineering as Viv. What is amazing about him was that all the great players of his period were in awe of his talent. In 1980, Viv was in his prime and so was Imran Khan. In that series I was asked to do the reserves job at Lahore, a prize I won for successfully captaining Pakistan Under-19 against the Australian Under -19. I distinctly remember even now the brief dialogue that took place in the team meeting between Javed Miandad, who was then leading Pakistan, and his fastest weapon Imran Khan," said Ramiz.

"While discussing Viv and how to get his wicket, Javed put forward his winning tactics to Imran asking him to let him have a few bouncers when he came out to bat. The reply from Imran was rather a cold but a sensible one: "Are you mad, he will hit me for a six!" It was precisely this that made Viv a champion ? his ability to put fear of life in somebody as great and as fearless as Imran."

"You can't weigh up Viv's genius against a pile of statistics because he never played for averages. Yet despite that fact, his ODI figures are pretty extraordinary. Considering this: during the time he played a batting average in the 30s was taken as perfectly acceptable, yet his was in the 40s. With his range and class of shots and strike rate in the 80s he was surely ahead of his time. 

"He pioneered front-foot batting against fast bowling and hooking the quick men off the front foot. When he bowled he broke partnerships and moved like a gazelle in the field. He was built for the kill. Viv changed cricket forever and made it an entertaining sport. He was the most fearless one, the greatest one!"

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