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Mubarak confident that Sri Lanka has hunger for victory

Sri Lanka's Jehan Mubarak considers that the support from the fans will be a key factor in the teams performances in the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy

Mubarak confident that Sri Lanka has hunger for victory - Cricket News
Sri Lanka's Jehan Mubarak looks forward to the support from the fans.
Sri Lanka's Jehan Mubarak is in confident mood ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy and thinks his side has as good a chance as any to claim the prestigious 50-over title in Johannesburg. However, Mubarak thinks support will be one of the key factors for the teams and expects fans to come out in force for both the host country South Africa and also for India this September.

The 28-year-old batsman said: "I think we can take confidence from the ICC World Twenty20 into the Champions Trophy. We just lost one game in the whole tournament, which unfortunately happened to be the final.

"We beat a lot of good sides to get to the final of the World Twenty20 and we've proven not only to our fans but also to ourselves that we are capable of beating the best teams in the world and we keep proving ourselves more and more in the shorter versions of the game."

With the IPL having been played in South Africa, Mubarak believes most sides will have the knowledge required for South African conditions. However, the hosts will have the support advantage. "South Africa will definitely have the home advantage.

They'll have the support behind them in the grounds but with the IPL and the fact so much cricket is being played these days, everyone has experience in playing cricket in the conditions that South Africa has to offer and it's just a matter of adapting one's game.

"The South Africans will have the support, but the IPL has shown us that the Indians are in South Africa in their numbers when they need to support their side."

The left-hander believes that all the formats of cricket provide players with the challenges and skills they need to be good cricketers. "As a cricketer we all enjoy challenges, so adapting from Twenty20 to 50-over cricket to Test cricket is also part of the challenge and I think that it is the challenge that we enjoy.

"The different versions of the game give us the opportunity to try out different skills, different tactics, and different strategies against opponents so being able to play in so many formats is good."

Mubarak continued that he thought it would be easy to pick Pakistan or themselves as favourites going into the Champions Trophy with the World Twenty20 finals behind them. However, he thinks that's not the case and every side has its weaknesses.

"Well if the Twenty20 tournament showed anything it was that no team is unbeatable. We saw the likes of Ireland and the Netherlands coming through, so I see the Champions Trophy as being anyone's game.

"It's a knockout tournament, so one mistake and you could be out. As far as we're concerned I think we'd say all the teams are favourites and we'll take it match by match and taking each team very seriously."

Mubarak has played 38 ODIs for Sri Lanka and admits there is a lot of cricket on the calendar but says that if you're going to play cricket professionally you have to adhere to the demands of the game.

"There is a lot of cricket being played at the moment and it's taking its toll on certain players but that is one of the demands of being a professional cricketer.

"I think the players have conditioned themselves, both physically and mentally, when it comes to the long haul, back-to-back matches along with touring home and away. Nearly all the countries would have played between three to six months of non-stop cricket when they get to the ICC Champions Trophy but as long as your hunger for the game is there, then it is up to the individuals and the teams to motivate themselves and keep going."

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