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The team is in a good frame of mind: Misbah

No team can be taken lightly, we have to be take every game as a tough game, says the Pakistani skipper

The team is in a good frame of mind: Misbah - Cricket News
We want to put up a good show for everyone back home, says Misbah-ul-Haq.
What kind of form are you in and how happy are you with the way you've been playing lately?            
Yeah, I think coming from Pakistan it's really difficult to adjust to the conditions, especially the weather, but I think we have played a game in Scotland and then in Ireland two games, so it really helped us to acclimatize here, especially now it's really cold here, also, but I think that's really going to help us.              

I guess the early summer conditions of England are about as tough as you can get for the likes of you with the swing bowling and the movement of the ball?            
Yes, we have this, I think, in Scotland and then in Ireland especially, the last two games. The ball was really moving in the air. So everybody has suggested that, and they're ready to just face those sort of conditions. I think in England especially it will be better than Ireland, so I think mentally everybody is ready and now getting ready for this tournament.                

Obviously going to be tough group, India, South Africa. How hard is that going to be for you?            
This is a tournament the top eight teams are playing, so no team is an easy team here. You have to take every game as a tough game. Top eight teams, you never know who's going to beat who. So you need to be 100 percent all the time. You can't relax in this sort of tournament.

Do you think your Test defeat in South Africa will have any bearing on your performances here?             
I think that really helps us because that was really a tough series for us, tough team, tough conditions, playing away from home. So that experience is going to help us here. Mentally the guys are more tougher after playing the top team in their own conditions, and especially won a T20 and won two ODIs -- that gave us a lot of confidence after the Test matches. We really showed a good show there and everybody really played well. I think that really gave us a lot of confidence to do well here.            

Pakistan versus India in Birmingham is the one they're all talking about. It's a sellout, hugely exciting game. Is that the match that really captures the imagination back home, too?           
Every game is important. Coming into this tournament, I think the first two games are more so important for us because the last game, you may know if you are in or out of the tournament. Obviously playing against India is always important because of the interest of people back there in India and Pakistan, all over the world I think, huge fan club for these two teams, so it's really important for us to play well in that game and just win. For both teams I think it's very important, but I think every game is important here in this tournament.              

Would you back yourselves to be the eventual winners here? Do you think you can?           
I think this is one thing, one part you always have when you are there to play any tournament or any game. You always have to be positive and think that we're going to win this. 

How much do you enjoy playing here at Edgbaston, you personally, you as a team? How does Edgbaston rank?           
I'd say it's special for us because a lot of fans here for Pakistan cricket team and a lot of followers here. I haven't played before here, but Pakistan team really had good record here. Even in the last series Pakistan won a Test match and played really well. We're really looking forward to enjoying these games.              

How aware are you that there are so many thousands of cricket lovers on behalf of India and Pakistan right here in the Midlands? This game sold out in just three hours.            
I think India‑Pakistan is always special, especially in England, because there's a huge community from both the countries, so it's really special, and people are coming from Pakistan, all over the world, I think, from India and Pakistan, they're coming to just watch this game.  The guys who are not coming here are watching on the televisions. It's a really important game for both teams.              

You got the chance to warm up in the conditions, got a bit used to the wicket, et cetera. That's important for you?            
That's very important. Whenever you come to different conditions I think you need to play a few games to adjust, and this will really help the team.              

How enthused are you by the whole concept of what's in store over the next month?            
It's really important. It's the last Champions Trophy, everybody knows that. Everybody knows that it's after the World Cup this is the biggest tournament of this game, so we're really looking forward to that. Everybody back home is really looking forward to that, and we really want to put a good show here.              

Good confidence amongst the players going into the tournament?            
Good confidence. I think the way the team is playing, it's really positive. Everybody is just chipping in, all in form, so it's really nice to be here with this sort of confidence.

Tell us something about Saeed Ajmal the spinner right now. How well prepared is he for the tournament?            
He's always special for us. Everybody knows that he's at the moment one of the best spinners in the world. He always has something special to offer to this world and to this team. I hope so. These kind of bowlers, these kind of players always love these sort of occasions, big events, and I'm really hoping that he's going to ‑‑ I hope that he's going to perform well.            

So you turn 39 today?            

Is this your last chance to get an ICC trophy for Pakistan?            
You can't say anything about that. You never know how long you're going to play, if you're able to play even tomorrow. So I'm not thinking about that. I'm really focused to play well in this tournament and looking forward to really doing well for Pakistan.          

Do you think you guys are a bit fresher than the rest of the players from the opposing teams?            
You can say sometimes more cricketers, I think to cope with that, it's difficult for the players. But you never know how the players feel about that, but I think the team is in a good frame of mind. Everybody is really focused to play here, and I think that's the main idea behind it, that we just come here focused and just concentrate on this tournament.             

And how are you celebrating your birthday today?            
Just going for practice.

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