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The pitch was a lot drier than expected: Bell

Bell expressed disappointment at not getting 300 plus but was satisfied with the convincing win.

The pitch was a lot drier than expected: Bell - Cricket News
Man of the Match Ian Bell of England.
What did you think was a good total? 
I think at 35 overs, we were looking at 300. I think it was an extremely dry pitch for here, a lot more than we normally play on. And I think upfront certainly was a lot easier with the new ball, and it just got harder and harder.  Obviously, if we can set a platform of 170 through two, most times we're going to get 300. Obviously a little disappointing not to get that, but I think potentially that was in our sights to get 300. 
That was a pretty exceptional bowling performance, wouldn't you say? 
Outstanding, yeah. Upfront the first 10 overs are going to be very important for us. I think the best times about the wicket was the hard new ball, and the way Jimmy and Broad set the tone for our innings, the accuracy, the way the guys dived around the field. And like I say, the first 10 overs were always going to be very important for us in believing that the longer the innings went on and the ball got a bit softer, there would be a turn for Tredwell and we'd be able to keep it nice and tight in the middle to late order in overs.  So the first 10 overs were obviously outstanding from Jimmy, and it's great for us as well to be able to celebrate him coming in as the leading wicket taker as well.  It's been a massive day for him. 
Mitchell Johnson didn't end up taking any wickets today but looked pretty dangerous at stages.  Do you think Australia might have made a mistake by letting him out of the Ashes score? 
I never really thought about it. I think he bowled very well today. He bowled good pace. Yeah, he bowled very well today but I never really thought about what the Australia score is.  We've got a lot of cricket coming up in this tournament, so I'm not giving too much thought about what the Aussie's squad is for the Ashes just yet.
Do you think it will help England maybe win Edgbaston first perhaps knowing what a good score is for other teams and have a less of an idea of what it's going to be when they're bowling first? 
I guess so. I mean, that, to me, was the very difference a normal wicket would play in a One-Day International which is a lot dryer. Like I said, for an Edgbaston pitch, I'd expect it to stay together a bit longer. But, yeah, we certainly have an advantage being at home. But that counts for nothing. You still have to play good cricket. New Zealand just showed that in the OneDay series if we don't play to our potential, there are eight very good teams here that could win this competition.
And going in without Swann and Finn who have both played a lot of cricket for England that showed flexibility that you can go about it differently and win?
Definitely. It was great. All of our seamers were fantastic today, and Jimmy Tredwell never lets us down.  He's got a great record.  Like I said, it was unfortunate when he was injured, but like I said but (Indiscernible) perfect bloke to come in and replace him.  He's been fantastic for us every time he gets the opportunity.  I'd say the way he goes about his business is outstanding. 
And you were there in 2005?  Is Australia still as good as it was then with this Australian team, or is it still something that is a most special thing? 
Yeah, obviously, to win is the important thing.  It doesn't matter who we were playing today, we wanted to win.  The first game of the tournament, we wanted to get off to a good start.  Obviously, this marriage we need to keep tinkering with and improving as everyone does.  But whether it's Australia or Sri Lanka, it wasn't important today; it was about getting off to a good start and focusing on what we do well.  And I think the majority of that we did quite well today. 
The whole innings you had only 17 boundaries; does that have anything to do with the outfield or was it tough bowling? 
Again, I just think it got harder as the innings went on.  It was a very dry square, dry wicket, obviously there was a little bit of reverse, so that makes it harder to hit the ball to the death.  Yeah, I mean, like I said, every time there was a new batter that came in, and we saw the same with Australia, it wasn't going to be easy for guys starting.  And the ideal plan for us was to try to get two guys on North, which we managed to do a couple of times.  But it wasn't the easiest pitch I don't think to smack boundaries in the middle to late overs.  But up front with the opportunity with the new ball to maybe go try to get as many as you could up front. 

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