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Australia will have a point to prove: Southee

New Zealand bowler Tim Southee felt that the rivalry between Australia and his team brought out the best in them

Australia will have a point to prove: Southee - Cricket News
Tim Southee said New Zealand has been preparing well for the upcoming matches.
Is it sometimes better to have a really sort of tight win like the one you enjoyed the other day instead of a thumping success because it keeps everybody on their toes a bit?
Yeah, obviously the other day we just scraped through by the skin of our teeth, but a win is a win at the end of the day, and the guys are pretty happy to get off to a winning start.It wasn't as convincing as we would have liked, but I guess, as I say, a win is a win, and you're always happier once you've won and guys are in a better space.
Yeah, everyone is looking forward to the next game.If we win one of the next two then we should get through.It's better looking at it that way than having to win the next two, but we obviously want to win all three.Yeah, I think it's still the same thing in a tournament like this.You have to win almost every game.
Considering the recent performance of Australia, do you feel that you enter the contest on a higher ground?
No, I think the Aussies are a good side.They'll be disappointed in their performances so far over here.They know that they have to win their next two games so they'll come out hard.They'll have a point to prove obviously with a long summer for them over here, as well.They'll want to turn that around as quick as they can. We know that they're a good side, and there's the whole rivalry between New Zealand and Australia that sort of both sides tend to lift a little bit when you play against each other.
You obviously haven't played Australia in quite a while, but you so often come in as underdogs and you will come in possibly as favorites.I suppose it must be something quite different?
Yeah, I guess so, but I think it's still pretty evenly poised.Like I said, they've got a good side, and also they're coming off a loss and with a point to prove. They'll be hungry to turn the tournament around and, I guess, their picture over here around and try and grow some momentum.
Yeah, I think it's been a while since we've played them, but I think as I said before, we tend to lift a little bit more when we play against the Aussies as it is, and hopefully we can go up a gear from what we showed in Cardiff.
A word firstly on your bowling partner Mitchell McClenaghan.You were right there until the end.What were the nerves like when Malinga was bowling that spell?
Yeah, I think once Kyle got out and you're down to the last wicket, you know it only takes one ball, and Mitch came out and he's confident with the bat. He's a confident person, and I guess that showed there in the end.I think once you saw Malinga off, then we knew it was only a matter of time if we could hang around.I think we saw him as the big threat and someone obviously with his unique action and someone that can ‑‑ as trouble causing as he's been over his career.I think it was important we saw him off, and then didn't worry about scoring off him, just seeing him off, and as I say, Mitch is a confident person, and we saw that with the bat coming in 11.He did a great job, and I think his confidence has flown over from the job he's done with the ball, and he's had a tremendous start to his career and hopefully that can continue.He's doing a hell of a job for us with the new ball along with Kyle.
Are you surprised by the role that spin has played in the tournament, and is that good or bad for New Zealand?
Yeah, I think you look at the tournament before it started, you come to England, you tend to think it might nip around and the seamers might be there, be the main wicket-takers, but I think those surfaces have been pretty dry and with them sort of using the same wickets, tend to play two games on them, then the second game obviously the spinners are going to come into play even more.
The wicket in Cardiff was dry and the spinners played a massive role.Haven't had a look at the wicket out here yet, but yeah, it is ‑‑ I guess ‑‑ certainly we weren't expecting, but I guess now we're one game into the tournament and we know that spinners are playing a big part, so it's something we can adapt to.
Some of the teams are perhaps struggling to judge what a good score might be.Do you think the fact that you guys have been in England for so long, is it helpful to you in that regard?
Yeah, I think our preparation has been perfect to play three one‑day internationals against a top‑class side in the conditions we're going to face during the Champions Trophy.The preparation has been I guess ideal for us, and on the flipside England, as well.Yeah, we've had a bit of time to get used to the cold weather and the wicket.Yeah, the preparation has been pretty good.
Is it important for New Zealand cricket in the longer term that the team do well to sort of inspire another generation of cricket lovers?

Yeah, definitely.I think in the last sort of year or so we haven't produced the results we would have liked, but we've shown glimpses in the last six months of what we are capable of, the one‑day series win in South Africa against them and then also the series win over here against England is a massive step in the right direction.I think you look at the side, there's a great mix of exciting young talent, the likes of McClenaghan and guys that have been around for a little while like Kane Williamson and Trent Boult, who is obviously not here, but guys coming through mixed in with the experience of the likes of Vettori, Franklin, McCullum.It's a good mix, and we're taking steps in the right direction and showing where we can go as a one‑day side.It is important we do well, and hopefully we can keep continuing as a one‑day side and I think our Test games will follow, as well.
There's a general perception that this Australian team is one of the weaker sides in recent times, but is it also one of the nicer sides because we don't see those mental disintegration tactics, we don't see those in‑your‑face tactics.Is that a sign of their weakness?
I don't think that's a sign of weakness.They were so dominant for so long, and I think after those players retired, they sort of all retired at the same time, so it left a massive gap, and I guess they're still trying to fill it.I think you have to understand that the players that left were exceptional and world‑class players, and you're not going to replace them overnight. But they've still got some great players; you look at Watson and Warner, and on their day they can tear a side apart, and their bowlers, someone like Clint McKay, who's got a great one‑day record.They've shown that they aren't a poor side, and like I say, they'll be disappointed in their results that they've produced of late.
How important do you think it is that Luke Ronchi gets a score soon just to release a little bit of that pressure and prove himself to you guys?
Oh, I don't think he has to prove himself to us.We know he's a good player.He's turned out a truckload of runs in domestic cricket since he's been in New Zealand since he's been in cricket and obviously he's had a taste at an international level and hasn't come off with a bat yet, but the job he's done with the gloves has been exceptional, and he's certainly gained some confidence from the work he's doing with the gloves and it can flow over to his batting.He's playing well in the nets, and I think he just needs to get away and he'll be away, so he doesn't have a point to prove to us at all.

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