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Batters have to take more responsibility: Bravo

25 to 30 runs more could have been a big difference in the game, says the West Indian captain

Batters have to take more responsibility: Bravo - Cricket News
West Indies' Dwayne Bravo bats.
Dwayne, do you think that at the top of it you could have defended if you had bowled better?
Yeah, if we get wickets with the new ball it may have put some pressure on the top order, definitely that would have maybe made a big difference in the game. But, you know, we bowled a bit too wide. The balls weren't doing as much as in the previous game, so we as a bowling unit, all of us did not actually adapt to the surface quickly enough and allowed the Indian batters to get off to a flying start. And defending a small total with the strong batting lineup is going to be difficult if we don't get wickets with the new ball.
We've got to give credit to the way Shikhar Dhawan batted. Did very well to score an international hundred, along with Rohit. It was difficult but, like I said, if we had picked up wickets early with the new ball, then it would have been a different ball game.
Do you think that the batting failed because of good bowling or bad approach to the batting?
It's a bit of both. We got off to a very good start. Even though we lost Chris early, Johnson Charles and young Darren reconstructed the innings. But we lost our way again in the middle where we keep losing wickets. And that's a bit of a concern to us, not only in this game, but in previous games. We really have to try and the batters have to take more responsibility to bat the bulk of the overs in order to get good totals so our bowlers can actually defend.
We are, like I said, we lost our way in the middle. Yes, they bowled well also, but I think more so most of us played bad shots at the wrong time and allowed India to actually dominate the game.
Both the teams used DRS quite precisely in this game. Do you think the captains are learning how to use the DRS nowadays?
DRS is something, for me, I'm not a really, really big fan of it. I more judge the bowler or the wicket keeper. Obviously, if a batsman will know if he nicked the ball or not. Today we had a decision that could have gone either way with Marlon Samuels which was a turning point for us.
So, like I said, apart from that, we deserve to be on the losing side because we did not bat properly, and we have to be honest with ourselves, and we have a very important game next game. So in order for us to make it through to the next round, we really have to improve and sit down as a batting group and try to figure out our game plan that we can come up with so that we can win our next game.
You owe your position in the end to an attacking innings from Darren Sammy. Do you think everything that's gone on, the captaincy and his place in the team that he had something to prove?
Well, I wouldn't say something to prove, but it's good that he came into the team. He had to get an opportunity, and he did very well. It was the right situation for him, and he played a natural game. Very disappointed toward the other batters the way they got out while batting with him. Had they played a little smarter, we could have at least gotten to 25 to 30 runs more, that could have been a big difference in the game.
I think Sammy's a very competitive person, and he came out there and gave his hundred per cent at all times whenever he plays for West Indies. So like said, coming out there to prove something, I don't think it's that way. But if it is that way, then that's good because it brings out the best in him, and I'm happy for him. Hopefully, he can recover from the slight injury that he got, so that we can pick our best 11 to play the next game.
You seem to be playing your best cricket in the first ten overs and probably in the last five overs, but the field is quite up. Middle overs is where you seem to struggle, is that a fair point? And your batsmen struggled to rotate the strike and maneuver the ball around and pick up singles. Is that the biggest concern?
Yeah, and like I said before, that's why we keep losing games in the middle period. We definitely would get off to a good start with the first set of ball play, and our low order hitting is very good, like you said before. So we need to identify how we can actually become better and comfortable with the batting group and the middle overs, when the slow bowlers are over, and try to pick up the boundaries and build a momentum. At the moment we keep stalling in the middle, and that's where we lose the games. We don't lose the games in the first six or in the last six; in the middle overs is where actually we lose it as a batting group.
Your match against South Africa, will be a shoot-out. How do you keep up given the conditions that you lost this match by a big margin, you beat Pakistan in a very close game. India beat South Africa, no Dale, no Morkel, so how do view that match?
Those games are some of the best games to play, to be honest, where the destiny is in our own hands, and it's important we forget what happened today. We still have, if we win the next game, we're on to the next round. If we lose, we go home. So I think we are aware of that. We just have to, like I said, improve on our mistakes we made in this game, and look forward to the next game.
South Africa's a very good team and a team that's very respected. We just have to make sure that when we turn up on Friday we are all ready to play, and it's going to be like a final for us, and definitely we have to make sure that we win that game. I am saying that ‑‑ it's possible. It's very possible, and I know I have the right team and the right guys to turn around between now and Friday. Let's see what happens on Friday. It's going to be a very exciting game for the tournament.
Darren Bravo batted out a lot of balls in the middle overs. Is there a plan for him to be the link between the top order hitters and the finishers?
Yeah, today, this innings to me was one of his worst innings, and we’re aware of it. We've already spoken to him. Batting on top of the order, we expect a bit more from him, but at the same time, while he stayed in there, we kept losing wickets. So it also makes his job a lot more difficult.
But it's all in the experience with him. He's young, and he's one of our better batters, and once we showed a little faith in him and tried to let him know where he went wrong so that he can improve. Definitely it will do good for him and for us as a team once we can get him scoring runs and turning over the strike a bit more. Like I said, it's a learning curve. He still has a long way to go, and I can see where he can improve. I believe come next year he will be more fluent, more positive, and all of us have to be that way, not only Darren, but myself. We all need to do a bit more with the bat.
Could you talk about Ravindra Jadeja, you played with him on the IPL on the same team. Is he a dangerous all‑rounder that teams would need to be wary of going forward?

Is he what?
Is he a dangerous all‑rounder that teams need to be aware of and cautious about? He does his job quietly and plays an influential role?

Yeah, Jadeja is a very good cricketer. Very good all-round cricketer. He's relenting in the field. He comes in the lower order and gets runs when needed. A left-arm orthodox is always handy to have on a team. He keeps it very simple. He bowls wicket to wicket. He has a very good arm ball. He's being led by one of the greatest captains that ever played the game. And he listens and once he ‑‑ my advice to him would be to just keep it simple and do what he has to do. Today was his day. Got to give credit to him. He bowled wicket to wicket and couple like before all‑round. He's good. He's a very good cricketer, and that's very good for Indian cricket.
I think the IPL has transformed the Indian batters and given them that self‑belief of coming on and going overseas, being positive, playing short balls, batting more positive in the stroke play. So I think it's good. Hopefully all of us can actually continue and learn from each other.
To follow up to that, you partially answered some of the question that I was going to ask, but I'm going to ask anyway. Do you think you just played the best team in this tournament, and give us a sense of where their strengths lie given that you played with a lot of these guys -- with and against a lot of these guys?
I know they are a very good team. Most people said that India in these conditions is not going to be good or teams can roll over them, but I don't agree with that. I think they're a bunch of guys that are very talented. Most of them play short, fast bowling very well, and also play spinners well. Look at Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, all those guys, Rohit Sharma, good players all‑round, and you've got to give credit to them. I think they're one of the strongest batting lineups in the competition.
So, yeah, they definitely deserve to be in the second round the way they've been playing. Hopefully my team, the West Indies team, can actually learn from what happened today and try to join them in the second round.
We know that if we make it out of this group, it's going to be a knock‑off playoffs and anything is possible. Once we get the momentum we're going to be a dangerous side also.

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