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Clarke likely to return for next game: Bailey

The stand-in Australian skipper says he is happy with the team's performance but is disappointed with the no-result

Clarke likely to return for next game: Bailey - Cricket News
George Bailey talks to the media after match against New Zealand at Edgbaston.
George, you can't comment on the incident, but it happened before the match throughout the game, how disappointed are you guys, you know, that this would come about as you're about to take the field? 
Well, it didn't. It happened days before.  

When did you first hear of it?
A few days ago, but it's been dealt with from my point of view. It's disappointing, but a very minor incident and it's been dealt with in‑house and that's it.  

Was it difficult to take the field today then?
No, very comfortable, very easy. It was just about ‑‑ the situation, for us, believe it or not, was bigger than this. It was about making sure we won this game to stay in the tournament and to play some better cricket than we have against England. And I guess with this sort of result, I'm not sure we've done that.  

What kind of teammate is David?
I really enjoy playing cricket with him. I love playing cricket with him. I love his enthusiasm and his energy around the group. I love the way he plays. You know, I wish I had the talent that he does, and I think he's a particularly generous teammate, very giving. I'm looking forward to hopefully playing a lot more cricket with him in whatever career I have.  

Does he have a short fuse in your experience? Not at all.  

Are there occasions when he steps over what you might regard as the acceptable line?
No, I don't think so, no. No, not at all. This is the best defense I've got.  

George, there was never any doubt in your mind that David should come to the ground today and carry the drinks and be here amongst the team? That was never a consideration that he shouldn't come?
No, certainly not from the team perspective. It's been dealt with. I thought he took it on the chin, and he's had a cheer around the group, so it was outstanding. No pun intended. Sorry about that.  

Can you describe what the mood was like today? Was it a normal mood today?
Yeah, very normal mood.  

Obviously, this is not the best thing for you. How would you describe the current stage of the Australian team after a wash‑out today, lost the game against England, bowled out for 65 against India, how are things at the moment, would you say?
I was pretty happy with today. I think I thought we had just over what would be a par score on a pretty challenging wicket. We had taken a couple of early wickets. I thought we had some good momentum when the rain came. I don't think the state of Australian cricket has changed from the start of the tournament. I said from the start the biggest challenge not only in this tournament but in our one-day cricket is closing our gap between our best and our worst games, and that's something that will make us a better team rather than our best getting any better.   I thought today was a more decent effort. It just would have been nice to find out where that left us.  

Michael's not back in the tournament. He's not been the greatest sort of the first 10 days, two weeks to prepare, is it?
No, ideally you'd like your captains fit and playing with you, there is no doubt about that. But you can only deal with the circumstances that you're dealt, and I think we have.  If we lose our best player, then the challenge is for someone to step up. Someone like Adam Voges who has been an outstanding touch, has stepped into that middle-order role really well for us, not only there, but off the field too.  He stepped into quite a strong leadership role as well. So, that's really pleasing for me to see.  

Such an area, would you rather have Michael Clarke around the team given what's happened in the last few days?
Well, as a balance, we'd love to have him around, no doubt about that. But there's no point in having him around if it's not beneficial to A, his back, or B, him getting into a situation where he cannot play for us, so, not really. I think we're at the stage now where, as a growing team, having one person there or not there shouldn't make or break how we play.  

You said it was minor, and you heard about it a few days ago. Did the players that were there that night report it straightaway to you and the senior people in the camp?
I don't know that we can talk about that.  

Leading Australia in a major global tournament in England been everything you dreamed it would be so far?
Yeah, it's been busy, yeah. It's still ‑‑ every time, every game we play it's still a huge honor for me, and it's still a huge learning curve as well. So every day brings something different and something unique, and something that's sometimes challenging, sometimes enjoyable, sometimes a bit of both. So, yeah, it is, absolutely it is. It's a dream come true, really. I'm pretty anxious for Pup to come back. As a cricketer and as a leader, I think it will be good for this team to have him back. And we have more reports he's had a good progress today. I know I've said it every game, but I'm hopeful for the next game. But this time we're certainly looking like we're having him for Monday. 

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