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The game was still in our hands: Bravo

After rain ruined West Indies' hopes of qualifying for the semi-final, captain Dwayne Bravo says it was a sad end to what could have been a fantastic game

The game was still in our hands: Bravo - Cricket News
Rain played spoil sport as the match was tied by D/L method.
How disappointing is that, and how aware were you guys of the Duckworth‑Lewis method? 
Obviously disappointed. I can say I'm disappointed with how the game ended, but I'm not disappointed over what the umpires did. They have a job to do and they do it to the best of their ability. We as players are not sure what decision they made. I think it would have been fair for both teams and to the fans and to the tournament if that extra ball had been bowled or something like that. But I've got to give credit to both teams. South Africa batted very well, and my guys, the way how we  went out there and the run chase, we always thought that 230-odd on a small ground with a fast outfield, we always back ourselves actually to get right back into the game. Up until the last ‑‑ up to when Kieron got out, we were right there within striking range. So, disappointed we didn't go all the way, but I must say I give credit to all my guys. They played very well. We should be proud of ourselves but we have struggled in this tournament, and we are just looking forward to building some momentum and trying to build a stronger one‑day team.    

Was the idea to be with the par score or ahead of the par score? 
It's always good to be ahead. We were right within range, one run behind or something like that. Kieron got out at a crucial time, but as I said, it's a great opportunity for us to learn from this situation. No reason for us to actually blame or point fingers on anyone. We should be proud of the way how we go about the short chase, but unfortunately we did not make it to the next round, but these things can actually make us stronger as a team.    

And did Dale Steyn make a big difference in the way he kind of bowled two or three spells? 
Yeah, like I said in the pre‑match presser he's a world‑class bowler and we respect him. It's good to see him back playing again. It's good for South Africa cricket, it's good for world cricket to have one of the best bowlers in the world being a part of the tournament, and I'm happy that he's fit again. He looks in good rhythm. But yeah, as much as they have good bowlers we have very good batters on our team. The way Marlon Samuels batted, Pollard, Chris Gayle got off to a good start, also, so no matter what opposition bowling they have, we have the right batting power to actually come up to any attack. Sad end to what could have been a fantastic game. I know the fans would have loved to see the finish, and it could have been good, but that's how it goes sometimes.    

Marlon's reaction after the game with what happened with that ball, is he blaming himself? 
No. You know, why should he blame himself? Marlon Samuels get us to where we are at that point in time. You know, unfortunately he got out, but we were still right in striking range. The game was still in our hands, and Kieron did his part, and Sammy had to bat, we still had Narine to bat, and myself was there. So as I said, no one can blame anyone. It was a great run chase, and I'm very proud of the guys, and these things can, like I said, only make us stronger as a team, and it's all a learning process for us.    

Yesterday you brought out the ‘choking’ word with the South Africans here. Do you think that perhaps fired them up? Could you see a change in the way they normally play? 
No, I used the word chokers as like, the question was asked if we were under pressure. Like I said, we were never under pressure. They in tournaments like these, they are more under pressure because of you know, the media and the press and stuff tag them as chokers. But they are a very fantastic side and they have good players, and we respect them as a team. I know obviously they got to the next round, so it's going to be the top four, it's going to be a good tournament, and I wish them all the best.  

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