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We believe we can win the tournament, says AB de Villiers

The South African captain says his team's performance over the past week has made his job as captain easier

We believe we can win the tournament, says AB de Villiers - Cricket News
AB de Villiers of South Africa plays a shot during the match against West Indies.
AB, were you aware if you were behind at that point before the Pollard dismissal?
I was. The Duckworth‑Lewis was on the scoreboard the whole time, which made it quite easy for us to follow and to sort of plan. But what made it very difficult at that time, it was raining up to that point for the last half an hour prior to that, so it made it really difficult to know when exactly the umpire was going to call it. I thought it was getting heavier. The ball got really wet and it became very difficult for me to communicate with the batters out there. It was windy, balls were flying all over the park and getting wet. I thought it got quite dangerous and slippery out there, as well. So, all in all, I think they made a good call, and I was hoping they’d make the call about 15 minutes before then, but I think we got the bounce of the ball today, and we'll take that bit of luck and go into the semi-finals with it.  

AB, how does it feel to be captain of a South African team that's on the right side of one of these ties for a change?
It feels great. We've been on the wrong side of these kind of matches in the past quite a few times, and I've been part of a few teams that's been on the wrong side of these kind of matches. Very happy. What makes me more happy is I thought we played really good cricket most of the game today, and the way the bowlers stuck together as a unit there was really great, so I pushed on each of the bowlers quite a few times today, and they all really did well and handled the pressure really well.  

Just on the fact that you played good cricket, there was a lot of talk coming into the tournament about the fact that you don't have Graeme, you don't have Jacques in terms of the batting lineup, but the young batting lineup stood up in a big game – so how important is that moving forward?
Honestly looking at our performances in the last few games, I don't think our lineup can get a lot better than it is right now. It's been amazing performances all around. It's made my job very easy as a captain and as a middle order player to play with these guys. The opening partnership once again today laid an awesome foundation for all of us to feed off. They made it really easy for myself to played fluently out there and some of the other guys that batted after me. Our batting lineup we know is one of our strengths and there was a lot of strength in there and I'm looking forward to see that kind of skill and talent come through in the next two knock‑out games.  

AB, could you talk about the intensity with which Steyn bowled those spells today and it made a big difference, especially against Pollard who he kept really silent?
Yeah, it's great to have Dale back. He's definitely an X factor for us. I called on him at a few times today, especially the last spell into the wind, and he picked up a vital wicket for us. So, the way he handled the pressure and the way he actually gave his best for the team was very inspiring. I think everyone learnt a lot from that, and he made the whole bowling unit follow him, and like I said, they stuck together as a team today, right from Robin Peterson, the way he bowled was amazing, right through to a guy like Lonwabo Tsotsobe, Ryan McLaren, to Chris Morris, they all had something to aspire to, and it worked out, so a lot of credit has got to go to him.  

Just what Dwayne Bravo said before the game, can you talk about that? Was it even part of the chatting in the dressing room before the game?  And can people back home start thinking of this might be ‑‑
Dwayne Bravo? What did he say? No, look, I don't know. We're not the kind of team to hide from the fact that we've lost important games in the past. We didn't do that today, so we haven't done it in the last game, either.  So two knock‑out games in a row, we're in the semi-finals, need I say more.  

The second part of the question - can people back home start thinking that this might be the one that comes out?
The people back home? We believe it, and we've really start the support from back home on social media networks - not only that, emails, messages from family and friends. I really can feel we've got a lot of support from back home, and I believe they believe we can win it, and I know we can. So there's no doubt in my mind that we're going to go out there and give it our best shot, play to our full potential, and it's going to be up to a few other teams to try and stop us. 

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