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This tournament not a reflection of Pakistan's talent: Whatmore

Pakistan coach satisfied with the performance of the inexperienced bowling attack but feels batsmen let the team down

This tournament not a reflection of Pakistan's talent: Whatmore - Cricket News
Pakistan Coach Dav Whatmore.
Three losses in a row. Is that a true reflection of your team's strength?
No, I don't think so. In this series it hasn't been good. But you don't always have good series. We thought we had a pretty decent build-up, our preparation was okay, but it wasn't to be. So these things happen. There are some reasons for that, and I'm sure that every effort will be given to put it right the next time.  

Can you tell me after this big, big, big, big happening who is responsible? 
Look, honestly, let's not be emotional about this. Games are won and games are lost and series are won and series are lost. I'd much rather be here talking to you, at least, after a win today, but that's not to be. If you look at the three games, the one that sticks in my mind is the first one. We had a good look at the pitch because we had a practice match, and we did well in South Africa. We knew if we lost the toss that we would need to do this, this and this. We didn't do that and we were under pressure. We lost wickets in clumps. Three at once, and then we had a good partnership and lost another three towards the end. And despite that we really nearly pulled off a terrific win. But since that game we've been a bit naughty with the bat.  We haven't been able to read this pitch here against South Africa, which can happen. It became a really difficult job to chase 230 against South Africa. It was very sluggish. We didn't have the ability to play a game prior to that. I mean, these things happen, so don't get carried away too much.  

It has been a pretty poor show by Pakistan. Where do you think the responsibility lies? 
Well, I just told you that it would have been nice to have a few more runs, but it's okay to sit there and criticize, but we're looking more objectively about this. So, if you lose wickets up front, it's pretty difficult to set up a decent target or if you're chasing one.  

You bowled really well throughout the tournament; the fielding was also quite high standard. Does that make it more disappointing that the batting collapses in all three games? 
Well, yeah. I mean, it's nice to know that our bowling attack is young. Our pace bowling attack wouldn't have played any more than 55, even 60 ODIs. We'd love to turn the clock forward one year tomorrow and see them play; I think they'll be very, very good. So it's nice to have them performing. The fielding has been gradually improving, which is good, but yeah, I mean, you don't have to be Einstein to know that we just didn't make enough runs.  

Can you point out what exactly is the batting problem? Is it a lack of skill or an approach or ‑‑ 
We're almost the same team that beat India in India, you know?  Like 2‑1, in Indian conditions. So it's not a bad team. One series doesn't make the team a bad team. You do have some bad games and unfortunately for us we strung three in a row.  

Just to pick up on this batting point, your captain himself describes your batting as a total flop. If you look at it objectively we haven't scored over 200 runs in a major professional tournament in three innings, and if you look at the stats, the per wicket is going down series by series. So it's hard to describe it as a sort of one-off.  It's a trend, and I guess one of the reasons you were brought in was to strengthen the batting. How do you begin to put that right? 
Well, it's a trend in this series only. When we played in India it was a pretty decent trend the other way. But look, these things ‑‑ what I am trying to tell you is if you follow cricket ‑‑ well, South Africa was also a pretty decent opposition. South Africa went to England and beat England, they went to Australia and beat Australia, they hosted New Zealand before us and they beat them. So it's not surprising. I don't think it should be surprising.  We try hard and weren't able to do so. We're one ODI victory from having a good series, one ODI, but that's the way it goes. So I think it's easy to be critical on the surface of it.  But from our point of view we're looking to be objective and to improve things.  

Trent Woodhill was brought in as batting coach at the last minute for this tournament. What's his future now, and how does this tournament reflect on his abilities? 
I thought he did a very good job. Somebody from totally outside the system coming in gives you a nice little breath of newness about it, a different angle, different perspective. He's a hard worker. I've always enjoyed his efforts, and the relationship was very good.  Where he goes from here, it's a Pakistan Cricket Board decision. It would be up to them, and also Trent, as well, to see if there's anything moving forward.  

Bearing in mind that the next (50-over) global event is now 2015, does this almost give you a chance to start again to rebuild from now and perhaps get players playing club cricket, first‑class cricket around the world? Does it give you a chance to start again really? 
Well, it does. It really will be up to the Pakistan Cricket Board selectors to make the ultimate decision. As far as individuals playing all over the world, not sure if that can be done good.  Certainly domestic cricket, the department cricket is quite strong, and I'm sure they'll be looking for a team that will be ‑‑ with 2015 in mind, I'm sure.  

You look like a very satisfied man. In Pakistan people are really emotional about cricket. Pakistan lost all three matches. You are telling us in the previous series Pakistan lost 3‑0 in Test matches and 3‑2 in ODIs. But people want to know honest opinion from the head coach of Pakistan cricket team? 
Well, I've been giving you honestly. I haven't been saying anything that's not honest. We haven't been able to score enough runs. We've been losing wickets in clusters, and we weren't able to handle the deteriorating condition last match, and this is a three‑game series. I mean, it's not an easy ‑‑ if you're having Bilaterals you have a chance to get back into it, different teams and different grounds, wickets changing, conditions changing overhead.  That's the way it goes.  

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