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Would have been nice to get a win : Bailey

The Australian captain feels losing to England by 45 runs really hurt his side's chances

Would have been nice to get a win : Bailey - Cricket News
Australian captain George Bailey.
George, you probably have to go back to the time you were a kid to find a round of shooting results away from home that were this bad? 
I can't hear anything you say.   

India. How confident are you that the squad can play in the Ashes and turn things around, and what would that confidence be based on? 
You're probably right. There is probably not a great deal of confidence there. But it's just a very different mindset, I think, going from a one‑day tournament to a Test tournament. I don't think it's mattered where sides have been ranked going forward or in the past. The Ashes just tends to bring out something special in both sides. Whatever can be written and said leading up into those games, but until that first Test and the result of that first Test, I think that will dictate how the summer plays out. I think there is a huge importance in the results of the first couple of Tests.   

What was the talk in the dressing room for that last bit of partnership? 
I guess a bit of light‑hearted humor. It was great to see those guys battle it out, and it would have been really nice to get a win and get over the line there, but unfortunately, not to be. It was a bit of a hard one. Once the 29 overs had ticked over, our steam went out of it a little bit; resigned to the fact that the tournament was over for us. But there is a lot of pride. There is a lot of pride between a lot of competition between Xavier Doherty and Clint McKay; they both think they should be batting number 10. There was a lot on the line today. We said whoever could finish not out might get the number 10 role going forward.   

How do you sum up the tournament? You did have a bit of bad luck there as well as in the middle game? 
We said at the start of the tournament that you need to start well. You get to dictate terms; your confidence is up, and, obviously, the way weather came into it and that ends up playing a really big part. So, yeah, I'd say there was a little bit of bad luck. We were really confident in the score we had against New Zealand on that one wicket. We thought it would be enough. We thought we'd started really well, but I guess that's part of the game. There is not much you can do about that.   

How has it been you being captain? I imagine it's been quite a challenge with the events that have happened? 
Well, I was only really captain again this morning when Pup was ruled out. It's good having him back. There was a real chance that he was going to play. Circumstances, I think, almost dictated that he didn't. I think if it had been a 50-over game, he might have had a better chance to play. But the up‑in‑the‑air nature of how today was going to pan out, probably played against him, as has the weather for the last couple of days, trying to get some really good training under his belt. It's been difficult.   

How worried should Australia be about the disappointing the batting has been of Phil Hughes and Shane Watson ahead of the Ashes? 
For the Ashes?   

Leading up to the Ashes. 
Every batsman would like to be scoring runs, there is no doubt about that. All of these guys will have to put this tournament behind them whether they've scored runs or not, and just focus on going forward. That's no different for an Australian player to any other international player. Everyone has form slumps, everyone has their ups and downs. As a team, I think there is a really big challenge that's going to be ahead of them in the next couple of months. I think what Australia have done this time is they've got a really good preparation. Couple of games against counties.  I think a couple of the guys, the batters from this group, will maybe even join up and play the Australia A game that's due to start later this week. So, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for those guys to get some match practice in. Plenty of opportunity to get lots of practice against the jukes balls in.   

Do you anticipate Michael Clarke playing in the first Ashes warm‑up game against Somerset at Taunton next week? 
I've got no idea when that is.   

I believe it starts Thursday next week. 
Yeah, I would imagine he would. If he were to get outside and get a bit more training under his belt in the last couple of days, if it had been a 50‑over fixture in terms of us being able to play it as a 50-over fixture, I think he would have had a really good chance playing this game.   

What do you think went wrong, and what do you see as sort of the worst aspect of the team? 
Losing, well, the way the net run-rate works, losing to England by 45 runs hurt us. That seems to have been the thing and that's disappointing. Apart from that, that's really all we did wrong. That dictated the turns that we had to play today. So I think losing that first game was basically a major cock-up.   

What are the positives you can take into the Ashes from the Champions Trophy, if there are any? 
I think James Faulkner has been really impressive. I think it's been good to have a lot of guys over here playing a lot of cricket in the lead‑up to the Ashes. So it's not necessarily just on the Champions Trophy group, but a lot of guys that have been playing county cricket.  Obviously, the Australia A groups are over here. The Champions Trophy boys that have been here for a number of weeks have been getting used to the conditions, different color ball and different format. But all of that plays a part in getting settled in. So I think all of those things will take some positives out of.   

Jayawardena, there seems to be a bit of friction between him and Matthew Wade, and when he walked off the field there seemed to be a bit of anger as well.  Can you clear that up for us? 
Yeah, I'm not sure how that started.   

Not sure what it was about at all? 
No, no.  But at the end of the innings, I just tried to calm it down. They're both passionate people. I think both guys, teammates on either side would say they love playing with that sort of passion. So I have no idea what it was about. But I thought once the innings was over, it was probably time to put it to bed.

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