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Lowest moment as captain: Cook

The England skipper expresses disappointment at the loss but is proud of his team

Lowest moment as captain: Cook - Cricket News
England Captain Alastair Cook.
Alastair, 20 runs off 16 balls, six wickets in hand. How would you describe that? Panic or choke or what? 
Yeah, clearly from there, you back yourself to win more times than you do to lose in that situation. But it shows you how quickly games can change in Twenty20 when you lose a couple of wickets. And the new guys coming in on that wicket are always going to find it quite hard to hit those runs. I mean, we got close, obviously that was a really good partnership from Morgs and Ravi to get us back into the game. But, yeah, we would have probably win those games more times than not.  But it’s a tough pill to swallow.  

Tough match. Did it seem like home at all to you, this game?  90% of the support was for India. The ball was standing a lot; it was cold, but it probably seemed more like India? 
Yeah, I mean, we didn't have too much support there, but I think the crowds have been good all tournament for the sake of that. There was quite a lot of Indians there today, but we kind of expected that. That's no excuse why we lost.  

England lost by five runs, the same amount of runs you guys conceded in overthrows. Do you think that was the difference, the fielding factor? 
You can start looking at all these little things, don’t you, when you lose by such a tight margin. You know, you can, I'm sure the bowlers going through their heads, why did I bowl that ball that went for four as well?  It's a very dangerous game to start doing that, and same as the batters. So, yeah, we might have given them those extra runs there, but I'd much rather a guy who can run and attack the ball like he did.  

Alastair, what did you make of Ian Bell's stumping - close call there? 
Yeah, I thought it was a poor decision.  

How happy are you with England reaching the final yet the top order copped a lot of criticism for being slightly slow and stuff like that?  What is your take on the ODI outfit of England? 
Obviously, we had a good tournament to get to the final. There were six other teams which would like to be in the situation we were in at the start today. We would have liked, obviously, to play a 50‑over game, a real tournament.  But, look, if we had won the Twenty20 game, we wouldn't be saying that. We went through in the 24-over game against New Zealand, so you have to adjust.  I'm proud of the way the lads have fought. We've been under a fair bit of pressure in this tournament. Quite a lot of criticism and flack have flown our way, yet we got to the final. We played some good cricket; we just couldn't quite get over the line today.  

Could you just expand on that Ian Bell decision, and why you thought it was such a poor decision, in that how do you think the third umpire got to that decision, and could you expand on some of the decisions the players made under pressure, trying to chase down those runs, obviously, leading to dismissal after dismissal? 
I only saw the replay a couple of times on the Belly one. Maybe he saw a different angle than we saw. It looked pretty clear that it was in, but he's paid to make the decisions. If he had made the decision, it's the umpire's game, so that's said. Look, towards the end, you're always going to ‑‑ spinning as much as that is, it's very hard for the new guys coming in. So we needed a batter in at the end if we wanted to win that game.  

Could you comment on Bopara's performance throughout the tournament? He's matured a lot, and how do you feel about that? 
Yeah, he's come on very well. Obviously in that game, he came in in that third one‑dayer when we changed the balance of the side against New Zealand. He's obviously an experienced cricketer, and I thought he’s handled himself really well in the tournament. He's batted to the situation all the time. He's bowled pretty well as well. I thought he was going to get us over the line today, unfortunately, it wasn't going to be.  

Alastair, would you say England batsmen gifted India the match or the Indian bowlers won the match? 
I think anyone saw those last few overs how much the ball spun. They keep saying you need your batters in at the end to knock down that total. So I think credit to India. I thought they bowled very well on that wicket.  learly, us as a batting unit, we'll be looking at ourselves going, what could we have done better?  

Alastair, is this your lowest moment as England captain or as an England player even? 
I think as England captain, yeah, we had high hopes coming into today of achieving something really special. We had the opportunity. I think we’ve got to thank the groundsmen and the staff for doing a fantastic job to get us out there. At least we had the opportunity to win the game. Sitting here, if we would have not played the game, you'd always wonder what might have been. So, yeah, credit to all the guys that worked really hard to get us out there. Yes, it's a tough place at the moment. But, you know, we'll look at, I’m sure, the emotions out of it, and we'll look at it. We'll build again for 2015, the next global tournament.  

I'm sure you don't need any more motivation for what's coming in the rest of the summer, but how disappointed you are now?  How do you pick yourselves up for a quick turnaround before the Ashes? 
Yeah, I think, clearly it will take a couple of days. All the guys have a few days off and we'll have to use that. It's been a pretty hectic start to the summer. It's only going to get obviously busier and busier. So we have to recharge our batteries as well. It's always a different feeling, different kit and stuff. Clearly the Ashes is here, we'll have to prepare ourselves for the Essex game to make sure we hit the ground running at Trent Bridge.  

Alastair, just talk about moving forward.  I know this is very sort of fresh after the event, but talk about rebuilding. Do you believe this is the group of players who will carry England forward in one-day cricket, or do you look for fresh blood in that time that you've got before 2015? 
I think the majority of the score will be pretty similar. You can't look into the future too much. I'm sure there are some players who are  desperately -- in the county games, youngsters or other players who are not on this team thinking I want to get into the squad, and that is great for competition. But I'll say the majority of the team would be ‑‑ you know, I would say the majority of the team would be in 2015, you'd hope, with fitness and stuff, and form. Yeah, it's obviously not a great place to be in the dressing room at the moment.  But when you start looking back at what we've done well, which areas we can work on, obviously, me and Giles will have a look at that.  

Alastair, is there anything you plan to say about that Ian Bell decision in your report, your match report? 
I think they're confidential those things.  

Go on (laughing). 
It will be good fun.

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