14 July 200918:27

Results of meeting of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Central Organising Committee

The Central Organising Committee (COC) for the ICC Cricket World Cup (ICC CWC) 2011 met in Mumbai on Tuesday to continue preparations for the tournament

Results of meeting of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Central Organising Committee
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ICC President Elect David Morgan.

The meeting, under the chairmanship of ICC Vice-President Sharad Pawar, was attended by ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat and representatives of the three countries set to stage the event, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan, the tournament's fourth host nation, was invited to the meeting but no Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) representative attended.

The meeting was called to provide the ICC Board with a recommendation as to where, within Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, the 14 matches originally allocated to Pakistan should be staged and where the tournament secretariat would be based.

The ICC Board agreed in April that those matches could not take place in Pakistan because of the uncertainty surrounding the security situation within the country and that the tournament secretariat should not be in Lahore, as originally planned.

The COC made the following recommendations:

-Of the 49 matches due to take place in the tournament, 29 will be played in India, 12 in Sri Lanka and eight in Bangladesh. The 14 matches originally scheduled to take place in Pakistan have been redistributed with eight going to India, three to Sri Lanka and three to Bangladesh

-A total of 13 venues will be used for the tournament with eight of those in India, three in Sri Lanka and two in Bangladesh. The previous set-up with four hosts including Pakistan had 15 venues proposed with eight in India, four in Pakistan, two in Sri Lanka and one in Bangladesh

-The event tournament director will be Prof. Ratnakar Shetty

-It was agreed that all three countries that will host matches should constitute Local Organising Committees; it was further agreed that the members of these committees should be decided upon by the relevant countries by the end of July 2009

-It was agreed the PCB would be asked to confirm three representatives to sit on the COC. The COC will be chaired by Sharad Pawar with Mahbubul Anam of Bangladesh as its convenor and Sujeewa Rajapakse as its treasurer

-The PCB would also be asked to nominate a member to sit on the committee in charge of operational planning. The other members of that committee will be Mahbubul Anam (convenor, Bangladesh Cricket Board), N.Srinivasan (Board of Control for Cricket in India), Nishanta Ranatunga (Sri Lanka Cricket), Prof. Shetty (Tournament Director), Sujeewa Rajapakse (Treasurer, ICC CWC 2011 COC) and M.P.Pandove (Honorary Treasurer, BCCI)

-Bangladesh will now stage two of the four quarter-finals, with India and Sri Lanka hosting one each. Under the previous arrangement each of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were to have staged one each

-The two semi-finals will be staged in India and Sri Lanka, with the final in India

-Scheduling for the quarter and semi-finals will attempt to ensure that the host country will play at home should it qualify

-All venues for matches will be confirmed and announced in due course

-The tournament secretariat will be based in Mumbai, India

-Inderjit Singh Bindra, the ICC Principal Advisor, will work closely with the COC, adding his vast experience to the administration of the tournament. Mr Bindra was a key figure in the successful staging of the two previous ICC CWCs to be held on the sub-continent, in 1987 and 1996

-A security directorate will be formed under the chairmanship of BCCI President Shashank Manohar. It will include representatives of all hosts and the ICC in a pro-active attempt to manage the issue both before and during the tournament. It will meet regularly and put together a security plan for consideration by the ICC Board by the end of September

-A committee under the chairmanship of N.Srinivasan will take charge of the issues of inspecting venues and pitches. Preliminary inspections are likely to take place in October

A match schedule will be confirmed and announced in due course.

The recommendations of this COC meeting will now be communicated to the ICC Board for consideration.

Tournament Director Prof. Ratnakar Shetty said: "We had a good, productive meeting.

"There was a recognition that there is much hard work to be done but we are confident we are now well on the way, with operational plans in place to become effective from the start of August.

"Moving forward, the COC will meet on a regular basis with everyone committed to a successful event, something we are confident we can achieve."

Those attending the Central Organising Committee meeting in Mumbai were:

Sharad Pawar – Chairman, ICC Vice-President

Haroon Lorgat – ICC Chief Executive

Campbell Jamieson – ICC General Manager - Commercial

From the Board of Control for Cricket in India:

Shashank Manohar

N Srinivasan

MP Pandove

Prof. Ratnakar Shetty

Suru Nayak

From the Bangladesh Cricket Board:

Lt. Gen. Sina Ibn Jamali

Mahbubul Anam

Shafiqur Rahnan

From Sri Lanka Cricket:

DS De Silva

Nishantha Ranatunga

Sujeewa Rajapakse

Suraj Dandeniya

Dates for future meetings of the COC will be determined and announced in due course.