14 October 201010:32

Kirmani unveils CWC Trophy

the member of the ICC Cricket World Cup 1983, recalls the triumph of the Kapil Dev-leg side

Kirmani unveils CWC Trophy - Cricket News

The ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy.

Former India Test cricketer Syed Kirmani at the Reliance Mobile ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy preview in Mumbai on Wednesday and hoped India will end the 28-year-old wait and win it next year.

Kirmani, a member of the ICC Cricket World Cup 1983 squad, recalled the triumph of the Kapil Dev-led side and said the country's win taught the fraternity that any team could humble the world champions on its day.

Wishing good luck to the Indian team for the event beginning in February, he said, "The performance this year is a good omen. We had been waiting for 28 years to win the ICC Cricket World Cup. Hopefully, this will happen in 2011 and Sachin Tendulkar's dream to win the ICC Cricket World Cup in his career is fulfilled."

The ex-stumper praised India for its emphatic win over Australia in Bangalore, and said the Test showed the five-day game still had the capacity to attract spectators.

"It was an excellent performance. Everyone, in fact, you people (media) had said Test cricket should not be played. It will dim. Now see what sort of results are coming out. Two days ago, everyone felt it (Bengaluru Test) was going to be a draw. But now you see what has happened."

Terming the win as "historic", Kirmani said it was good to see youngsters contributing in the team's victory.

Singling out Tendulkar for praise, he described the batting maestro as a 'legendary cricketer'. "Whenever he bats, he makes history or crosses some milestones. Hopefully, he will make some unbreakable records."