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20 March 201409:18

​Host nations anticipate strong home support

A year from now the quarter-final stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will be underway with knock-out matches being played in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Wellington.

​Host nations anticipate strong home support
  - Cricket News

A year from now the quarter-final stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will be underway

The top four teams from each pool will go into the quarter-finals with the winner of each pool playing the fourth placed team in the opposing pool. The runner-up of each pool will also play the third-placed team in the opposing pool.

Although it is hard to predict which teams will progress to the quarter-finals at the conclusion of the pool phase, the two host nations are excited by the prospect of playing their quarter-finals on home soil. If Australia qualify they will play in Adelaide on 20 March while New Zealand will play in Wellington on 21 March should they go through.

Former New Zealand star Gavin Larsen says that in 1992 home support helped New Zealand to qualify for the semi-final stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup and this will be a huge factor again if New Zealand and Australia are to progress deep into the 2015 tournament.

“We played the first game of the tournament against Australia in front of a full Eden Park and in a surprise in most people’s eyes we got through and won,” Gavin says.

“From there the snowball started rolling down the mountain and the whole thing gained momentum as we won the next couple of games.

“When we were going through airports, jumping on the bus and checking into hotels we had people approaching us wanting photos, autographs and wishing us well – they were riding the same wave we were.”

Larsen says a lot has changed since 1992 with the slower New Zealand pitches now offering pace and bounce.

“There has been a dramatic improvement in the quality of pitches in New Zealand, by that I mean pace, carry and bounce – and the New Zealand players have adjusted their style of play for these conditions.

“Today we see a much more attacking brand of cricket and I think the New Zealand players are well suited for that. They developed from a team that did really well in the slower conditions of 1992 to what they will be presented with in 2015,” he said.

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