30 October 201412:18

Reminder: Media accreditation is open for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

First stage of media accreditation open from 19 October to 21 November 2014

Reminder: Media accreditation is open for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 - Cricket News

The media accreditation process closes at 1700 (Dubai time) on Friday, 21 November 2014.

Applicants/coordinators/editors are advised to carefully read the notes; relevant media accreditation T&Cs attached

The media accreditation process for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is now open. This is a multi-stage online process that can be completed by clicking here.

As part of the application process, you will need to upload the following:

i) A colour headshot photograph with a plain background (like a passport photo) (.jpg file smaller than 250 KB in size)

ii) Scanned copy of the photo page of your valid passport (.jpg or .pdf file smaller than 250 KB in size)

iii) Letter of approval/assignment from your editor (.jpg or .pdf file not more than 250 KB) - applications not supported by assignment letters will not be processed.

Please ensure that you have these three documents, in soft copy, prepared prior to applying for accreditation.

Accreditation will only be available to bona fide media representatives.

After applicants have submitted their online applications, the nominated coordinators or Editors will be contacted to approve the application.

At the same time, Editors are requested only to approve applications of staff members who will be in Australia and/or New Zealand in a working capacity.

The media accreditation process closes at 1700 (Dubai time) on Friday, 21 November 2014.


i. By uploading information/applying for accreditation, you understand that you, the applicant, have agreed and accepted the attached ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Media Accreditation Terms and Conditions for Non-Rights Holders.

ii. Given the large number of applicants expected, space for media will be very limited. Only working journalists with specific assignments will be accredited for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

iii. The first stage of accreditation requires you or your organisation’s coordinator (who is the nominated person from your organisation, such as an Editor, who will handle all accreditation for your organisation) to register the organisation before you can apply for individual tournament accreditation. Further details are noted within the accreditation application process.

iv. As the tournament is being held across two countries, there are some additional pieces of information that are required to meet the local requirements in either or both Australia and New Zealand.

v. Each applicant’s respective editor/employer must approve that applicant’s application before it is processed by the ICC. Without such approval, the application will not be considered for processing. No more than 10 written press and 15 photographers will be accredited per organisation.

vi. Accreditation for the event does not guarantee access to a specific match. During the second stage of the accreditation process, which will run from 1-15 December 2014, you will be required to update your online application form by indicating the matches you intend to cover, including warm-up broadcast matches. For match day accreditation, priority will be given to international/domestic news agencies and national/daily newspaper reporters of countries whose teams will be involved in the match.

vii. All Non-Rights Holders (NRHs) will be accredited for the tournament, but only reporters will be accredited on match days and be granted access to the venue on those days. NRH camerapersons will not be granted match-day accreditation, however, to facilitate NRHs, all unedited post-match media conferences will be streamed live on the ICC website and uploaded to the ICC Media Zone. The ICC Media Zone is free to access and available to all media.

viii. NRHs are not permitted to bring any recording equipment into a venue on a match day. NRHs found filming inside the venue on a match day will have ALL their organisation accreditations withdrawn, and will be banned from covering any further matches.

ix. The ICC reserves the right to approve/reject/request further information on all applications in its sole discretion and without providing reasons for doing so.

x. The ICC reserves the right to withdraw the accreditation of any accredited journalist whom it deems to be in breach of the relevant ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Media Accreditation Terms and Conditions for Non-Rights Holders.

xi. Journalists failing to attend more than half their nominated matches after confirming their attendance may drop in the pecking order.

xii. Journalists not responding to reminder emails from the accreditation team may drop in the pecking order.

xiii. Journalists not informing the accreditation team about a change in their plans may jeopardise any applications they may make for accreditation for future ICC events.

xiv. Late applications cannot be entertained.

xv. For members of the travelling media requiring visas to Australia and New Zealand, a letter in support of a visa application will be provided. Journalists requiring visa letters are advised to contact ICC Cricket World Cup Head of Accreditation Mandy Keegan at cwcinfo@rushmans.com. The media are reminded that it is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that he/she has made the necessary visa arrangements for travel.

xvi. If you have any queries on accreditation, please write to cwcinfo@rushmans.com.

xvii. Rights Holders: The accreditation process for Rights Holders opened on 19 October and closes on 30 November. All television rights-holders official licensees for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 should contact Ahan Shah at ahan.shah@star.tv.com, and all other rights-holders (radio and news access) should contact ICC Media Rights and Broadcast Officer Lara Richards at lara.richards@icc-cricket.com, for details on the accreditation process.

FAQs regarding the media accreditation process can be found here.