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04 June 201407:42

ICC CWC 2015 Internship opens door to career

He grew up as a big cricket fan, so Casey O’Sullivan’s internship with the organisers of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 was a perfect fit – and one that kick-started his career in events.

ICC CWC 2015 Internship opens door to career - Cricket News

Casey O'Sullivan started as an intern in the Wellington ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 office

Casey started his career in the military with the New Zealand Army Band and got a taste of major events through performing at the Edinburgh Tattoo, Basel Tattoo in Switzerland and the Wonju International Tattoo in South Korea.

After seven years in the New Zealand Defence Force, he decided it was time for a career change and began studying Hospitality and Events Management at WELTEC.

During the final year of his Graduate Diploma in Event Management, Casey landed an internship at the ICC Cricket World Cup office in Wellington and was immediately exposed to the inner-workings of one of the world’s biggest sporting events.

“I was involved in the big fixture launch in my first month. To see how it was rolled it out so professionally with all the cameras and the high profile people on board was pretty special – it got me hooked!”

As a Cricket Operations Intern, Casey’s role gave him an overview of the whole tournament.

“The operations role is vast. You have the broadcast, cricket operations, technology, travel and logistics. I touched on a few of those areas which gave me an idea of the scope of the tournament.”

When his four month internship ended in September 2013, Casey had one week off before starting as a New Zealand Cricket employee on the ICC Cricket World Cup qualifier 2014.

“From being an intern in an office, I went into a hands-on tournament role. Once all the uniforms and sponsors product came in and we were running – it was quite different to the internship.”

Casey didn’t have much time to catch his breath when the qualifying tournament finished before starting full time as the Workforce Operations Coordinator and Volunteers Advisor at the ICC Cricket World Cup.

“Although there are many different roles in major events, I think the volunteer one is perfect for me to start on. I like building relationships and that’s why it’s good I have ended up in an HR type of role – it suits my personality.

With 4,000 volunteers required across Australia and New Zealand, Casey says the challenge is great and integral to the success of the tournament.

“At the end of the day, the public not only remember the game but they will also remember the experience they get from the volunteers. They meet and greet you, help you find your seat and show you where to go – they are the people you remember.”

Once the tournament is over, Casey hopes to continue a career in major events.

“This is sort of a launching pad to bigger and better things. I want to dream big and have a role where I am the event manager and running an event. Whatever happens though, I am keen to stay in the sport and events world.”