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09 February 201503:29

Around the Wicket with: Chris Harris

Chris Harris is a New Zealand Cricketing legend and cult hero. From slow-medium ‘wobblers’ to busy batting and energetic fielding, he was an extremely influential limited overs cricketer over four consecutive ICC Cricket World Cup tournaments.

Around the Wicket with: Chris Harris - Cricket News

Chris Harris and Stephen Fleming pose with the CWC Trophy in Christchurch

We went around the wicket with Chris Harris to ask him six quick questions about his CWC memories and expectations for #cwc15

What’s your favourite ICC World Cup memory as player?
In ’92, playing at home in front of a full Eden Park, and beating the Australians after entering the tournament with no form at all as a team. This started an amazing month for not just me but the whole national team.

What venue are you most looking forward to seeing in action at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015?
Watching a sold out match between New Zealand and Australia at Eden Park in a ’92 rematch will be very special. It will also be a big factor in terms of the tournament.

Who are the New Zealand players to watch out for?
Although our bowlers are doing well, it’s out batsmen to watch out for. Our batting is dangerous with Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor in form and of course Brenden McCullum is always exciting to watch.

What team is the ‘dark horse’ of the tournament?
Scotland. They’ve never won a World Cup game against a major playing nation so I think they could do it a couple of times this year.

In your four ICC Cricket World Cup tournaments, which was the best chance of you making the final?
Probably both 1992 and ’99. In ’92 we were a roll, and in ’99 we had a massive chance but let it slip in England.

Finally, can you please talk us through THAT run out?!
I think David Boon was over 100 at that stage, and batting with Ian Healy. All I remember was thinking “I’ve got to try and stop two”. The throw looked pretty good the whole way and when it hit and bails came off I just remember a stunned silence before the crowd and the team erupted. It was an amazing feeling.

Chris Harris ICC Cricket World Cup Record
Tournaments: 4 (1992, 1996, 1999, 2003)
Matches: 28
Runs: 431
HS: 130
AVG: 28.73
Wickets: 32
Best: 4/7
AVG: 26.91