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10 February 201508:40

Classic World Cup Kits – 2003

A look back at the tournament which saw teams take a giant step toward minimal design, with a few notable exceptions

Classic World Cup Kits – 2003 - Cricket News

Stripes were one of the common elements in many kits, giving it a sporty feel.

Minimal designs were the biggest trend at the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Loud prints largely took a backseat. Stripes were one of the common elements in many kits, giving it a sporty feel. However, a few teams like South Africa, India and Holland bucked the trend, and stood out from the rest. The other big change was that team names were mentioned again on the front of the jersey but this time, sides were allowed to experiment with the font.


Australia wore something similar to the 1999 World Cup jersey, with the five stars of the Southern Cross on a yellow kit. Green side panels were a new feature though.


Simplicity was the mantra for Bangladesh's kit, with a red and dark green combo.


Canada wore a red and black kit. Unlike other kits which had a button placket, Canada went with a V-neck.


England experimented with another shade of blue, not too light or bright this time, with red side panels and white stripes.


India went in a new direction, embracing the tri-colour. Orange, white and green brush strokes with 'India' emblazoned in yellow on top made the kit quite eye-catching. Black was also used in sections on the side as well as the shoulder.


Kenya's kit was a good execution of color blocking, a pre-dominantly green jersey paired with red pants.


Namibia made its Cricket World Cup debut with a brilliant blue kit which had red and yellow stripes alongside a green side panel.


Holland wore a bright orange kit, with a yellow lion motif covering the front and extending to the back as well. The collar was blue.

New Zealand

After testing out white kits and teal kits, New Zealand opted to go with an all-black kit this time. Faint silver fern motifs were scattered across the jersey, but it's only noticeable upon close inspection.


Dark green was the primary colour on the Pakistan kit, with yellow-green the secondary colour. Stripes and panels were the new features.

South Africa

South Africa, the host nation, wore a yellow, tribal print on a bright green kit. The sleeves had a yellow panel. It was daring and different.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's royal blue kit used a warm yellow on the sleeves and the collar.

West Indies

West Indies' maroon kit had yellow and green stripes alongside a grey panel, giving it a sporty touch.


Zimbabwe's red kit had dark green sleeves this time around.