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11 February 201507:05

1996 Cricket World Cup - In Numbers

As part of a daily series continuing the countdown to ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 in Australia and New Zealand, we look back at all 10 World Cups so far and their key numbers

1996 Cricket World Cup - In Numbers
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Sri Lanka lifted its maiden World Cup title in 1996.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 1996 was the sixth edition of the event, and the second one to take place in the subcontinent. The tournament was jointly hosted by India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, and got underway on February 14 before concluding on March 17.

There were a total of 37 matches played across 26 venues in the three countries - India (17), Pakistan (6), and Sri Lanka (3).

In all, 12 teams, that included the nine Test playing nations at the time - Bangladesh hadn't been granted Test status yet - and three Associate members, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, and Kenya, competed for the top prize. The teams were split into two groups of six each. Each team took on the others in the group once, with the top four from each group qualifying for the quarter-finals.

In the final, Sri Lanka rode on an unbeaten century from Aravinda de Silva to beat Australia by seven wickets and lift its maiden World Cup crown at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

Matches: 37

Runs Scored: 15225

Wickets Taken: 475

Highest Run Scorers

Sachin Tendulkar (India) (523 runs in seven matches)

Mark Waugh (Australia) (484 runs in seven matches)

Aravinda de Silva (Sri Lanka) (448 runs in six matches)

Gary Kirsten (South Africa) (391 runs in six matches)

Saeed Anwar (Pakistan) (329 runs in six matches)

Highest Wicket Takers

Anil Kumble (India) (15 wickets in seven matches)

Waqar Younis (Pakistan) (13 wickets in six matches)

Paul Strang (Zimbabwe) (12 wickets in six matches)

Roger Harper (West Indies) (12 wickets in six matches)

Damien Fleming (Australia) (12 wickets in six matches)

Highest Scores

Gary Kirsten (188 not out for South Africa against UAE in Rawalpindi)

Andrew Hudson (161 for South Africa against Netherlands in Rawalpindi)

Aravinda de Silva (145 for Sri Lanka against Kenya in Kandy)

Sachin Tendulkar (137 for India against Sri Lanka in Delhi)

Mark Waugh (130 for Australia against Kenya in Visakhapatnam)

Best Bowling Figures

Paul Strang (5 for 21 for Zimbabwe against Kenya in Patna)

Shaukat Dukanwala (5 for 29 for United Arab Emirates against Netherlands in Lahore)

Damien Fleming (5 for 36 for Australia against India in Mumbai)

Waqar Younis (4 for 26 for Pakistan against Netherlands in Lahore)

Shane Warne (4 for 34 for Australia against Zimbabwe in Nagpur)