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Leie, Phangiso spin South Africa home - Cricket News
Match Reports,07 July 2015

Leie, Phangiso spin South Africa home

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Mike Hussey answers your questions

Australian batsman tells readers what makes him a good finisher

Mike Hussey answers your questions - Cricket News
Mike Hussey says his favourite part of being an Australian cricketer is to celebrate the wins.
We asked followers of @cricketicc to post their questions for Australia batsman Mike Hussey using #husseywt20. Here is what he replied:

@DanceEatRepeat wanted to know why Mike is such a good finisher
I really try and stay in the present and focus on what is important at that time. Generally it is about building a new partnership with whoever is at the crease with me and I am trying to be busy and work hard, run hard between the wickets and then try and be there until as late as possible in the game as I can.

@ashlee_35 wanted to know what Mike’s favourite thing about being part of the Australia team is
My favourite moment being part of the Australia team is probably celebrating victory. It is a great feeling when you win with your teammates. You put in all the hard work at training and you go through some ups and downs throughout a season or the course of the tournament, so if you can come out victorious at the end, to see the joy and delight on everybody’s faces who has put in the hard work is something really special and the greatest thing about playing is about being part of winning teams.

@cric_master wanted to know who is the toughest bowler to face in T20I cricket
It is hard to say who is the toughest but there are a lot of great bowlers out there who are very difficult to face. I would probably have to say, particularly given we play a lot in the sub-continent, somebody like Ajmal is definitely up there as one of the hardest to face. He is pretty tough.

@Dinoukc wanted to know whether the Sri Lankan pitches had evened up the balance between bat and ball
I think the facilities here in Sri Lanka have been really good. I think the game of T20 is getting better and better all the time. Whereas initially when it first started I think batsmen were on top and scoring big scores, I think the bowlers are really fighting back and becoming a lot more skillful in where they are trying to bowl and their variations. The game has evened up a lot because the bowlers are getting very skilled, especially under pressure. It is now up to the batters to take their games to a new level.

@Meet_Rajpal wanted to know the hardest thing about playing in the sub-continent is
Probably the heat. The heat and humidity is something that takes time to get used to. It can be very taxing on the body and it can cause you to get tired very quickly and once you get tired it is when you start making mistakes, so normally when players get too hot or tired from the heat and humidity, that’s when they start making mistakes and you bring the other team into the game.

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