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Leie, Phangiso spin South Africa home - Cricket News
Match Reports,07 July 2015

Leie, Phangiso spin South Africa home

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It's about those that come and watch us play, says Sammy

West Indies captain desperate to win the ICC World Twenty20 2012 for the team's fans who, he says, wake up early and stay up late to watch the boys play

It's about those that come and watch us play, says Sammy - Cricket News
A smiling Darren Sammy leads his team off the field after the semi-final win.
Flooded by a string of messages from back home and a word of encouragement and praise from Clive Lloyd, the West Indies would try its utmost to win the final of the ICC World Twenty20 2012 against Sri Lanka for its fans, Darren Sammy said on Saturday. 

“To win this will be massive,” said Sammy. “For over a decade, our fans have been craving for a bit of success. That’s the goal we left the Caribbean with. It's the World T20 and we are just one step away from that. We all know that when we do well, the people in the Caribbean are very, very happy. Work stopped yesterday for a few hours back at home (during the semi-final against Australia). It'll mean everything to us as players as well as the coaching staff. It will give us a big boost.” 

“For me, it’s going to be a memorable occasion as captain but I am more focussed on the team and the Caribbean people,” added Sammy. “I have been playing for just a few years but the fans have been supporting the team for a number of years. It’s all about them, that’s who come and watch us play, wake up early in the morning, stay up late at night to watch their team playing. I got an e-mail this morning from Mr Lloyd saying we are very, very proud of what the team is doing. The Caribbean people are very happy. I remember he said that the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary, continue to work hard so we could get the success tomorrow.” 

Sammy promised that his team would try and scuttle the giant Sri Lankan party planned for Sunday night. “That's what we're looking to do,” he said. “We left home on a mission and it is just one more hurdle to jump. Sri Lanka has won all their last four matches and we have peaked at the right time. We want to have our party. We Caribbean people know how to party, we enjoy parties in depth.” 

Friday was quite the perfect game for the West Indies – a huge total on the board, early wickets for the spinners, and game over in the bat of an eyelid. “We were all pumped up there. We had our team meeting and our plans were very clear,” said Sammy. “Chris (Gayle) and Marlon (Samuels) set it up at the top and (Kieron) Pollard, who had not delivered in the tournament, finished off our batting innings when the big game came. At the starting of our bowling innings, probably (David) Warner should have kept his mouth shut. That just got everybody even more pumped up to go out there and beat the Australians.” 

Sammy, though, said he was not worried that his team had clicked one game too early. “It's a different opponent. We scraped through to the semis, we always said we've not played our best cricket,” pointed out Sammy. “We came to the party all-round yesterday and we just have to do it again tomorrow. The mindset, the belief – and I always stress on the belief in the dressing room – is that we could overcome any obstacle or any opponent or any team. We believe we could do that against Sri Lanka. It's going to be difficult but it's one just more hurdle that we're looking to jump. We needed our ‘A’ game to beat Australia and we have to do play a touch better to beat Sri Lanka, we have to bring our ‘A plus’ game and we believe we can do that.” 

Gayle had been a short little of breath and “winded” during the Australia game, but Sammy allayed all fears, though he did point out that the West Indies wasn’t over-dependent on Gayle. “I know nobody is going to make Chris miss the final,” said Sammy. “He’s played through pain for us many times before and tomorrow won’t be any different. Gayle gives us a good start at the top. In any team, once he is going, it's good for the team. We have the resources in the batting line up to click if Gayle doesn’t give us that start. Tomorrow is about every single person doing what it takes to get the team over the line.” 

Sri Lanka’s spin attack is obviously more potent than Australia, a fact Sammy acknowledged. “They are playing at home, they know their conditions well. I just hope we get a very good cricket wicket, where batsmen could enjoy playing their strokes and the bowlers have something for them as well,” he said. “But whatever we get, we just go out there and execute.”  

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