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Anti-Doping Resources

WADA-Questions and Answers on Athletes and Medications

ICC Anti-Doping Code

The ICC Anti-Doping Code

Key changes to the 2015 ICC Anti-Doping Code 

'Player's Consent and Agreement to the ICC Anti-Doping Code

The National Cricket Federation's Anti-Doping rules template

Advisory note – Use of Supplements

WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigations - Effective 1 January 2015

WADA International Standard for TUEs - Effective 1 January 2015

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUEs)

ICC TUE Application Form - February 2012

TUE Application process (effective 1 January 2015)

TUE Recognition process (effective 1 January 2015)

Use of Intravenous Infusions - ICC

WADA Medical information on Intravenous Infusions and or Injections


About the ICC Whereabouts Programme

IRTP & NPP Selection Criteria

Whereabouts Requirements for Out-of-Competition Testing - Effective 1 August 2013

International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP)

About the International Registered Testing Pool

IRTP - Authorised representative declaration form

Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS)

ICC - ADAMS User Guide:

Module 1 - Getting Started on ADAMS

Module 2 - NPP Player Whereabouts

Module 3 - IRTP Whereabouts

Module 4 - NPP NCF Whereabouts

Checklist - using ADAMS for the first time

Why can't I submit IRTP whereabouts on ADAMS?

Updating IRTP Whereabouts on ADAMS via SMS - Getting started

Using SMS to update IRTP Whereabouts information on ADAMS

Updating NPP Whereabouts on ADAMS via SMS - Getting started

Using SMS to update NPP Whereabouts information on ADAMS

National Player Pool (NPP)

About the NPP

NPP Authorised Delegate

NCF-International team filing responsibility