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Saint Helena Cricket Association

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Saint Helena

History of cricket

It is not clear when cricket was introduced to St Helena Island, but there are references to it being played on the island in the early part of 1844. The earliest records so far discovered, however, are the minutes of the meetings of the St Helena Cricket League, which date from 1903. It would seem from these minutes that the St Helena Cricket League was the governing body regulating the game on the island. There were local teams centred in the major areas of population, such as the capital, Jamestown and various regiments of the British Army garrisoned on St Helena from time to time.

In 1934, the St Helena Cricket Club was formed to be the umbrella organisation controlling both the league and the district competitions. The island's governor at the time appears to have been instrumental in this and both he and his successor involved themselves in the management activities of the club over the years leading up to the Second World War. The senior clergy and members of the prominent families on the island also took a close interest in the administration of cricket throughout those four decades of the 20th century.

In 1995, Governor David Smallman, a member of the MCC and the Queen's Park Cricket Club in the West Indies, became the president of the SHCA. In 2001 St Helena Cricket Association (SHCA) became an affiliate member of the ICC.

International competition and developing the game

There is only one designated sports field on the island. This is utilised for six months of the year for cricket competitions and the remaining six months for football. There are three cricket competitions - league, knock-out and district. The season starts in November/December and ends in May/June.

There is one secondary school on the island and three primary schools, PE teachers do introduce cricket and dedicate half a term to playing it in each school. In the secondary school, there is usually a lunch time competition during the cricket season. New Horizons is a youth organisation that also develops cricket and they are sponsored by the SHCA for their annual competition.