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Gambia Cricket Association

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Postal Address PO Box 35, 220-9934415 Banjul, The Gambia
General Enquiry Email gambiacricketassociation@yahoo.com
Year Joined 2002


History of cricket

The first colonial match was played in 1927 between Gambia and Sierra Leone, which Gambia won. The team also participates in other tournaments in the sub-region, particularly since the introduction of the ICC Affiliate tournaments. Gambia has hosted touring teams from the United Kingdom, namely MCC, Cavaliers, Scorpions, The Twelve Tribes (Jamaicans based in UK), and Sussex Over-50s, BBLCC from Hereford, The London Nigerians Cricket Club, and many clubs are interested to come and play cricket in Gambia. The Gambia Cricket Association became a member of the ICC in 2002.

International competition and developing the game

The league competition has been played since 2004, with five teams participating, including Veterans XI, Jewel of India, Wallidan, Gambia Ports Authority and Safeway Asia X1. This is the highest league in the country, in which all National Players, U19, and U15 also take part.

There are fourteen senior and upper-basic schools teams, and fourteen primary school teams. The association plays one league and knockout competition every year, for all the categories. There is also the Junior Academy and the Elite Academy programme every summer for the U13, U15, U17 and U19 Players. Coaching courses and umpiring courses are also run each year.