Mexico Cricket Association

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Postal Address Reforma Athletic Club, San Juan Totoltepec, Naucalpan, CP 53270. Estado de Mexico, Mexico
Telephone +52 1 55 3333 7698
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Year Joined 2004


History of cricket

Cricket has been played in Mexico since the 1820´s when the game was brought over and played by British Diplomats and businessmen following Mexican independence in 1810. A document unearthed in Lord´s (Marylebone Cricket Club) notes that the Mexico Union Cricket Club was formed in 1827 and known thereafter as The Mexico City Cricket Club or MCCC, the oldest in the country. The game flourished in the capital until the late 1860´s and even attracted the attention of Emperor Maximilian. During the latter half of the 19th century the game slowly declined in popularity in Mexico City but remained popular in British enclaves such as Puebla, Pachuca and Monterrey until the turn of the century.

Records show cricket being played at grounds throughout the county at the beginning of the century but understandably went through a quiet patch during the revolution and World Wars. However, cricket was revived in Mexico during the 1960´s when the Reforma Club moved to its new home in San Juan Totoltepec, which has been the home of cricket in Mexico ever since. In 2004 Mexico was accepted as Affiliate member of the ICC.

International cricket and developing the game

Mexico has enjoyed international success at both Central and South American Championship level despite the relatively small pool of players to choose from, but realizes that to ensure the game continues in Mexico cricket has to be developed at grass root level.

The National Team is drawn mainly from the ex-patriot community and it is the goal to increase the number of locally born players to make up 40% of the national side by 2020 as well as fielding a women´s team on a regular basis at international events. This all requires input at our three regional cricket centers as well as coordinating with the Reforma Club itself, but the greatest advances may come from current initiatives with Universities in and around the Capital who are always looking for additional sports to offer their students.