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Year Joined 1966


History of cricket

The first recorded cricket match played in Bermuda was on August 30, 1844. The Bermuda Cricket Club was formed a year later in 1845 and a number of international matches were played, however it was not until post World War II that the popularity of cricket strengthened. It was at this time, in 1948 that the Somers Isles Cricket League amalgamated with the Bermuda Cricket Club to form the Bermuda Cricket Board of Control, which became the current Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) in 2003. Bermuda became an Associate member of the ICC in 1966.

International cricket and developing the game

Since becoming an Associate member of the ICC, the Bermuda national team has competed in a wide range of international competitions including the ICC Trophy, a competition which was proposed by Alma Hunt, the Bermudian delegate to the ICC, and arguably Bermuda's most famous cricketer.

Notable achievements of the national team are reaching the semi-finals of the ICC Intercontinental Cup in 2005 and winning the ICC Americas Cup in 2006. Bermuda also played and won its first ODI in May 2006, only the fourth country to have done so. The greatest achievement of the Bermuda national team came on July 7, 2005 when the team from a country with a population of just 60,000 qualified for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Individual achievements include Irving Romaine, scoring Bermuda's first century in an One Day International in August 2006. The Bermuda U19 team qualified for the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup in Malaysia, 2008 and is the smallest country to compete in the competition.

The BCB has a comprehensive youth development program which uses the sport of cricket to improve the mental and physical health of Bermuda’s youth by engaging their bodies and minds and providing them with structure and discipline in a fun and safe environment. The Bermuda Cricket Board Development Program has won the ‘ICC Americas Region Best Overall Development Program Award’ seven times since 2005.