Czech Cricket

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Postal Address Rybná 716/24, 11000 Praha 1, staré město Czech Republic
Telephone +420 739545262
General Enquiry Email info@czechcricket.cz
Website http://www.czechcricket.cz/
Year Joined 2000

Czech Republic

History of cricket 

The first cricket match in the Czech Republic was played in 1997, and the Českomoravský Kriketový Svaz was formed and affiliated to the ICC in 2000 to drive forward the development of the game.

CMKS organise multiple formats during the summer and winter for Men, Women and juniors in various age categories. CMKS operate a cricket-dedicated facility at Kriket Vinoř, with two fields, which has been in operation since 2012, in addition to a ground in Brno and more currently under development. There are also net facilities in the centre of Prague, at the Tenisové Centrum Olšanská.

The CMKS cricket academy (KACR) introduces cricket to Czech school children running after school clubs in over a dozen schools, multiple non-school clubs and a junior Talent programme. 

International cricket and developing the game

The Czech men's national team competes in T20i tournaments at home and abroad run by the ICC and national governing bodies. The women's team hopes to be doing likewise soon and junior representative sides are also now participating in age group international bilateral series.