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Cricket for Good Resources for Schools

Heather Knight- Cricket for Good

Every school has the chance to bring the excitement of the tournament into class through a new, cricket-based resource. This set of six resource cards, developed by Cricket for Good for use in primary schools in the UK, combines opportunities to get active, develop cricket skills, undertake exciting projects and learn about the rights of children around the world.

Each resource card contains:

  • An exciting project activity linked to cricket
  • Suggestions for how to get active
  • Connections to children’s rights
  • Links to relevant areas of the curriculum, the wider school and additional resources

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The learning ideas in this resource do three amazing things:

They connect with learning that is probably in your planning already – giving a new ‘spin’ to existing content.

They refer to some of the important RIGHTS that children everywhere should enjoy… these were set out for the world in 1989 are enshrined in the UN Convention on the rights of the child. (This also links neatly with your wider school agenda of SMSC and British Values.)

These resources also bring cricket themes into the classroom connecting with and supporting other learning.  They also inspire everyone to get outside, get active and have a go at cricket during the sunny months ahead!!

So, whether you start with your existing curriculum content, begin with looking at children’s rights or put cricket first – these lesson ideas are there to help you engage your children in these exciting events! This is a once in a generation opportunity – two major sporting events in our country over the next few months.

The resources cover six themes at two levels (roughly ages 7-9 and 9-12). Each theme is linked to one of the Rights detailed in the UN Convention on the rights of the child. Each theme gives you different activities to try out. This could be done as a project, a discussion (‘get talking’) or a getting active and trying some games! The idea behind the design is to not be too prescriptive but give you the opportunity to link up with an exciting event in the UK whilst still hitting your learning outcomes for your class. There are also a number of links and supporting resources to assist you.

So, you don’t have to be an expert in cricket to use this material– it may be a whole new area of shared learning for the children and adults in your school. The same is true about Rights; if the concept is new to you in the context of your teaching, use this resource to help you ‘tap in’ to a rich vein of learning which both empowers children and connects them with global issues.

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