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Which sides are eligible to be in the Women’s T20I Rankings?

All 104 ICC Members and the USA (who continue to compete in ICC events) are eligible to be in these rankings.

How does a team qualify for the Women’s T20I Rankings?

A team has to have played at least six T20Is over the previous three to four years to be eligible for a place in the rankings table.

What is the philosophy of increasing the Women’s Team Rankings table from 10 to all ICC Members?

The T20 format has been recognised as the vehicle for promotion, development and growth of the game as is evidenced by the ICC Board’s recent decision to grant T20I status to all matches between the 104 ICC Members and the USA. It is hoped that the decision to have a global women’s T20I rankings will provide further impetus and incentive to the women’s teams below the top 10 ranked sides.

How are the team rankings calculated?

A team’s ranking is worked out in the same way as for the men’s rankings and for the women’s ODI rankings. A rating is calculated by dividing the points scored by the matches played, with the answer given to the nearest whole number. It can be compared with a batting average, but with points instead of total runs scored and the number of matches instead of number of times dismissed.

Do wins against higher ranked sides have a major impact on ranking points?

Any win will improve a team’s rating. But a win against a much higher rated team will lead to a much bigger improvement than a win against a lower rated team.

What happens to the combined women’s team rankings?

The team rankings across different formats will now be independent of each other. Going forward, there will be separate Women’s ODI Team Rankings and Women’s Global T20I Team Rankings.

How frequently will these T20I rankings be updated?

Like the men’s ODI and T20I team rankings and the women’s ODI rankings, the women’s global T20I team rankings will be updated after each match with the results purged each year.

How will these rankings benefit the sides?

Teams will be able to see relative rankings and their improvement; share them with their governments, sports bodies, show where they stand.

Why do the leading women’s T20I teams have higher ratings than the men’s teams or the women’s ODI teams?

The ratings for the men’s ODI and T20 tables and the women’s ODI table cover the performances of between 10 and 18 teams. The spread of points from top to bottom reflects the range of ability of those teams. The range of ability across the Global T20I rankings is very much higher, so the spread of points from top to bottom is correspondingly wider.

Do the rankings take into account home versus away wins?

As with the men’s rankings and women’s ODI rankings models, no account is taken of whether a team played at home, away or at a neutral venue. The points awarded for a particular match depend only on the result of the match and the relative strength of the opponent.