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Rescheduling of WCL division 6 matches approved

Matches will be replayed on Sunday (28 July), no play-offs or final

Rescheduling of WCL division 6 matches approved - Cricket News
Captains Peter Gough of Jersey and Esteban MacDermott of Argentina pose before their WCL Division 6 match.
The Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 6 Event Technical Committee has approved the application of clause 12.1.7 which states

“The ICC Event Technical Committee may, at their sole discretion, cancel the final and ranking play-offs, and utilise that day to reschedule matches in the following circumstances:

a)     Rescheduling of any individual abandoned matches which will have a bearing on the top four positions in the final league table on match points only

b)     Rescheduling of any remaining full round of abandoned matches”.

As a result, this means that all matches that were abandoned on 27 July will be replayed on 28 July. All matches will be played at the same venue, with the same umpire appointments and under the same Playing Conditions as the abandoned matches on 27 July.
Therefore there will be no Final or Ranking Play-offs and the league table at the conclusion of 28 July will be the final rankings in WCL Div 6.