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ICC Board meets in Dubai

The meeting will conclude on 10 April

ICC Board meets in Dubai - Cricket News
The Board will discuss a range of issues, including reports from the ICC Chief Executives’.

The ICC Board is meeting today at the ICC Headquarters in Dubai for the second of its scheduled quarterly meetings of 2014.

The Board will discuss a range of issues, including reports from the ICC Chief Executives’, Audit, Finance and Commercial Affairs, and Governance Committees. The meeting will conclude on 10 April.

The ICC Board consists of the nominated representatives of each of the 10 Full Members plus three elected Associate Member representatives. Also present at ICC Board meetings is the ICC President, who chairs proceedings, the ICC Chief Executive and the ICC Vice-President.

ICC President                                                 Alan Isaac

ICC Vice-President                                        Mustafa Kamal

ICC Chief Executive                                      David Richardson

Australia                                                          Wally Edwards

Bangladesh                                                     Nazmul Hassan

England                                                           Giles Clarke

India                                                                Narayanaswami Srinivasan

New Zealand                                                  Martin Snedden

Pakistan                                                           Najam Sethi

South Africa                                                   Peter Cyster*

Sri Lanka                                                         Jayantha Dharmadasa

West Indies                                                     Dave Cameron

Zimbabwe                                                       Peter Chingoka

Associate Member Director (Bermuda)          Neil Speight

Associate Member Director (Scotland)          Keith Oliver

Associate Member Director (Singapore)         Imran Khawaja

*Peter Cyster is an alternate for Chris Nenzani

Media arrangements

A media release will be issued at the conclusion of the Board meeting on Thursday. Any additional media opportunities will be confirmed in due course.