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Atkinson over the moon after momentous win

After two-wicket win against Bangladesh, Hong Kong captain says beating Test nations is the stuff associate dreams are made of

Atkinson over the moon after momentous win - Cricket News
Hong Kong mastered its nerves and overcame an 18,000-strong crowd to claim its first victory against a Test-playing nation.
In every sportsman’s life there are days that come but only once. For Jamie Atkinson, Hong Kong’s captain, the date March 20, 2014 will be etched in memory for the rest of his life. It was, after all, the day when Hong Kong conquered self-doubt, mastered its nerves, overcame an 18,000-strong crowd that was solidly behind the opposition, and beat Bangladesh, a Test-playing nation, in its own backyard in the ICC World Twenty20 2014.
“We’re just absolutely over the moon to beat Bangladesh in their home ground in front of a very big crowd is just fantastic,” said Atkinson. “It’s the sort of stuff associate teams dream of, and it’s come true today. I’m very proud of all the players.”
The party, back home, had already begun, and it would not be long before the players joined in. “I am sure there will be a lot of people following Hong Kong back home who will be celebrating already,” said Atkinson. “We’ve been getting a lot of messages throughout the tournament, a lot of support from back home. The significance of a victory against a Test nation is just fantastic, and a dream come true.”
Atkinson was proud of the manner in which his players stuck to their plans to bowl Bangladesh out for only 108. “They were very attacking and our bowlers responded well. It would have been easy to fade under the pressure of the batsmen,” said Atkinson. “We put a few dot balls there and that put pressure on them. They played a few extra shots and that’s what brought their downfall.”
In the first two matches of the tournament, Hong Kong was put off its game by the crowd, the lights and the atmosphere of playing on such a big stage. On the biggest of all days, however, Atkinson told his men to simply soak it all in and enjoy themselves. “I think what we told the players throughout the game is that there will likely be a lot of noise when Bangladesh score boundaries. I asked my boys to concentrate on their own game and just enjoy the atmosphere,” said Atkinson. “We won’t have an opportunity to play in front of such a big crowd very soon, and it was really great. The most important thing the bowlers showed was their enjoyment.”
Atkinson also revealed that Hong Kong did not at any stage harbour thoughts of knocking off the runs in under 13.2 overs in order to knock Bangladesh out of the tournament. “Before we started the innings we didn’t have any thought about trying to get there in 13.1 overs. We wanted to pick up a win for Hong Kong because it was going to be tough against a Bangladeshi side,” said Atkinson. “We were just trying to get the runs. I think it’s a significant win for associate nations, one that shows that the gap between them and the established teams is getting smaller.”
Nadeem Ahmed, who was the Man of the Match for his returns of 4 for 22, explained that he did nothing different, and just tried to stick to the plans that had been made before the game. “First of all, we talked in our team meeting that it was not going to spin or anything. We just stuck to our basics and did not try to do any other stuff,” said Nadeem. “Keep it very simple, let them make mistakes. We didn’t want to make mistakes, that’s what our plan was.”
On the day, the plan worked perfectly well.

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