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No hiding from embarrassing loss, says Giles

England coach credits Netherlands for playing well, but says complacency contributed to poor performance from his side

No hiding from embarrassing loss, says Giles - Cricket News
Although he gave credit to Netherlands for playing some good cricket in the competition, Ashley Giles said that England was complacent on the day and called the performance “embarrassing” and unacceptable.
Ashley Giles is only the stand-in England coach at the moment, but already, he has got a strong taste of the downside of what the job may entail. After England was rolled over for only 88, losing to the Netherlands by 45 runs, Giles called the performance “embarrassing” and unacceptable, fronting up to a loss that won’t be forgotten soon.
When asked how he would explain England’s work on the day, Giles did not hold back. “Only with a couple of words. Certainly complacency would be one of them. You can't hide from it and it was embarrassing, with all due respect to the Dutch, because they played some good cricket in this competition,” said Giles. “Clearly, every time they go out and play, they play with pride and passion which is what I talked about yesterday. We have done that in three games in this competition but it was poor today. There is no hiding place.”
Typically, it is the coach who ensures his players don’t get complacent, and Giles explained that he had approached the game as seriously as any other. “We prepared the side in the same way, we gave the same messages, the warm-ups were the same, our intensity the same, I thought we warmed up well,” said Giles. “We are all in this together. Don't get me wrong, when the guys go out there, there has to be some personal responsibility there as well, but we are a team, we stick together and we have all lost that match. It should hurt those guys as much as it hurts me and I hope it does.”
At the halfway stage of the game, England was comfortably placed, needing only 134 to win on a pitch that wasn’t especially tricky. “We were not necessarily worried about it. The messages were the same before the game and through the game. We had the same meetings and talked about concentrating on the job that needed to be done and then at half-time making sure the guys are in the right space,” said Giles. “You say I was happy at half-time but I thought we started the game poorly, I thought we were slow in the field and lacked intensity for them to be 47 for 1 after six overs. You know, you can't choose when to turn it on and turn it off and I felt we thought we could today, and 130-odd yes we should get them but every run counts, every ball counts for England.”
Giles was unsure what impact the loss would have on his chances of landing the coaching job full-time. “I don't know, look, you will have to ask someone else. It never helps does it, losing to Holland? We wanted to leave here after what in some ways were some positive performances with a win,” said Giles. “The sun will still come up tomorrow but, sometimes it feels like it won't when you have days like that at the office and it wasn't good from anyone. I'm sure they know that but there is not much more we can say except that it was unacceptable and embarrassing.”
While Twitter and other social networking websites were already abuzz with irate England fans venting, Giles said the anger was completely understandable. “I share that anger. There are a lot of emotions flowing, flying at the moment. We are human beings and when that's your line of work you should be angry and I understand why the supporters are angry,” said Giles. “There are quite a few who have come out to Bangladesh to watch us, there are some in our hotel. All we can do is apologise and to the people watching at home. Again credit to the Dutch they were good tonight. But we should not be losing like that.”
The loss marks the end of a long, hard winter for England, and a win would have helped draw a line and start afresh the next season. “It wouldn't be your ideal way to go out. I said yesterday that we would have the odd blip and they don't get much bigger than this,” said Giles. “If there could be any bright side it was that it wasn't all on going through to the semis. You would have hoped the team would have reacted differently, if it was. It was a little bit of complacency but we can't afford those sorts of performances in a year. It is just not good enough. I keep repeating myself but it's not good enough.”

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