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Brendon McCullum says he knows he did the right thing

Brendon McCullum says he knows he did the right thing - Cricket News
Brendon McCullum speaks to the media.

New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum says it’s critical that the sport is vigilant in the fight against corruption in cricket.

On arrival in Christchurch today for the birth of his third child, McCullum wanted to reinforce his opposition to match-fixing in cricket.

“Let me be clear I have never ever fixed a cricket match. I am 100% behind the fight against corruption in the sport.”

 “While it’s been a tough time for me I know I did the right thing. I was pleased to see the ICC come out yesterday and commend me for my actions. It takes courage to report an approach and it is vital that players who do so feel supported. ”

McCullum added he was incredibly disappointed to see his testimony leaked to media.

“I gave my testimony to the ICC in good faith so I was shocked when I read it in the media. I hope it does not  stop others coming forward in the future  as all players need to play their part in stamping out corruption.”

He said he stood by the content of his testimony to the ICC, and reiterated because he is a witness in an ongoing ICC investigation he is not able to comment on the details of his testimony.

Lastly, McCullum asked the media to respect his family’s privacy as they welcome their new baby.

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