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USACA agrees to work in good faith to seek to end its suspension

ICC meets USACA - Cricket News
The ICC's representatives recently met with members of the USACA Board in New York.

Following the ICC Board’s decision to suspend the USA Cricket Association (“USACA”) from membership of the ICC on 26 June 2015, the ICC can confirm that its representatives recently met with representatives of the USACA Board in New York.

While USACA’s membership of the ICC remains suspended, it has agreed to work in good faith to seek to end its suspension, by satisfying specific reinstatement conditions that have been provided by the ICC.  In the meantime, USACA has agreed to fully support the ICC over the coming months in developing a long-term strategy for the unification and development of cricket in the USA in conjunction with, and for the benefit of, the entire USA cricket community. 

To that end, the ICC  will be launching several initiatives over the coming months, including:

·         the establishment of a Local Advisory Group to support the development of a meaningful strategy for the future promotion and development of cricket in the USA; and

·         a USA Cricket Town Hall meeting in Chicago on Saturday 29 August to assist both the strategy development process and the unification of the USA cricket community.  A broad range of representatives from the cricket community have been invited to attend;

In addition, the ICC will be holding the ICC Americas Cricket Combine in Indianapolis from 18 – 27 September. This initiative provides the best Associate and Affiliate players within the Americas Region – including the USA – with the opportunity to be selected in an ICC Americas representative team to play in the West Indies Cricket Board’s (WICB) Nagico Super 50 tournament in January 2016. 

Finally, the ICC has requested USACA to play an initial role in assessing applications for the sanctioning of domestic and international events that take place in the USA.  This will involve applications being submitted to USACA in the first instance in accordance with USACA’s standard sanctioning policy and application procedures.  Following review by USACA, all applications will then be submitted to the ICC, together with a recommendation from USACA, for the ICC’s consideration and approval.  Further details of this sanctioning process can be obtained by contacting the USACA Executive Secretary, Sankar Renganathan.

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