Integrity Unit Risk Assessment

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Hit For Six!

As the world and international cricket emerge from the shadow of the COVID 19 pandemic, the number of ICC events, bilateral series and franchised leagues have expanded enormously.

In addition, the factors that impact upon the safe and secure staging of an event with respect to the deployment of Integrity Unit staff have become more complex and multi-faceted. Therefore, to manage both the demand on Integrity Unit resources and to effectively mitigate risk we have moved to a more nuanced methodology for assessing personnel deployments.

Since January 2022, the Integrity Unit has risk assessed all international fixtures, ICC Pathway & Qualifying Events based on 4 key factors namely:

  • Anti-corruption risk
  • Safety and security
  • Anti-doping risk
  • Safeguarding risk

Each risk factor is assessed as either High (red), Medium (amber) or Low (green) – this process is colloquially known as RAGing. At its monthly meetings, the Integrity Unit discuss the risk assessments and agree on an overall rating. This overall rating is used to inform the deployment of Integrity Unit staff matching experience, knowledge of the environment and skills to the assessed risk complexity and profile of the event.

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