MEET THE TEAM - Anti-Corruption Intelligence & Investigations

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Who we are, what we do, how we do it and why?

The ICC Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) is part of the ICC Integrity team based in Dubai and serves as the central information hub for all intelligence gathered by the ICC ACU and Domestic Units. The team is responsible for all international cricket, while domestic cricket is the jurisdiction of ICC members. However, the ACU often assists various franchise leagues that request assistance.

All Integrity work is underpinned by the protect pillar of the ICC Strategy and the key priorities and principles of the team are (in order), prevention, disruption, investigation and prosecution. Intelligence and investigations feed into these four priorities, ranging from the prevention of corruption through education and resources, to early identification and disruption of corrupt leagues.

The team is comprised of three intelligence staff and three investigation staff, all with law enforcement backgrounds, who explore allegations of corrupt activity, sometimes with the assistance of various law enforcement and/or domestic units. At any given time, the team is responsible for around 60 active investigations globally.

Intelligence and investigations work closely together. Investigations work to identify code breaches with evidence gained through such processes as suspect and witness interviews, and phone downloads. Any evidence is submitted in a report to the General Manager and ICC Legal for consideration of charges. The products produced by the intelligence team assist investigators in their overall knowledge of the job, identification of knowledge gaps and investigative leads, as well as evidentiary support.

The ACU regularly provides intelligence and investigations support and guidance to the other teams that form the Integrity Unit, including Anti-Doping, Safeguarding and Safety & Security. All aspects of Integrity are vital in protecting the game and our first and foremost strategy has always been prevention. Together we aim to protect cricket.

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