The Anti-Doping Code

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The ICC Anti-Doping Code compliant with the WADA Code ensures cricket plays its part in the global fight against drugs in sport.

The ICC Anti-Doping Code applies at all times to all players (men and women) who participate (or who have participated) in the last 24 months in an ‘International Match’.

Players are required to be familiar with the full ICC Anti-Doping Code, which is the definitive statement of the anti-doping requirements applicable to players.

In the event of any conflict between the information contained in this pocket guide and the ICC Anti-Doping Code, the provisions of the ICC Anti-Doping Code shall apply.

The ICC Anti-Doping Code is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

ICC Anti-Doping Code – effective 1 January 2021


ARTICLE 1 - Scope and application
ARTICLE 2 - Anti-doping rule violations
ARTICLE 3 - Proof of doping
ARTICLE 4 - Prohibited substances and prohibited methods
ARTICLE 5 - Testing
ARTICLE 6 - Analysis of samples
ARTICLE 7 - Results management
ARTICLE 8 - Right to a fair hearing
ARTICLE 9 - Automatic disqualification of individual results
ARTICLE 10 - Sanctions on individuals
ARTICLE 11 - Consequences for teams
ARTICLE 12 - Sanctions and costs assessed against national cricket federations
ARTICLE 13 - Appeals
ARTICLE 14 - Public disclosure and confidentiality
ARTICLE 15 - Recognition of decisions
ARTICLE 16 - Statute of limitations
ARTICLE 17 - Compliance and statistical reporting
ARTICLE 18 - Amendment and interpretation of the ICC code



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