Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation

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Contact Information
Postal AddressPrince Faisal Bin Fahad Olympic Complex, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Telephone+ 966 ‎558 886 283 / +966 580 111 222
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Year Joined2003
Saudi Arabia
History of cricket

Saudi Cricket Centre (SCC) was established in 2003 under the patronage of General Presidency for Youth Welfare with the objective of development and promotion of the game of cricket in Saudi Arabia, with the support of the then General Presidency for Youth Welfare. It was then converted into a federation in January 2020.

Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation is now the only legal entity registered with the Ministry of Sport to administer the game of cricket in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation under the auspices of Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport is established with HRH Prince Saud bin Mishal Al Saud being appointed as its first president and chairman of the board of directors.

International competition and developing the game

The Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation (SACF) is the official governing body of the sport of cricket in Saudi Arabia. Founded in January 2020, the Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation is headquartered in Riyadh with its operation’s office based in Jeddah. The federation’s first chairman is HRH Prince Saud bin Mishal. 

Saudi Arabia was promoted to associate membership in 2016 by the International Cricket Council (ICC) after being an affiliate member since 2003. Saudi Arabia also officially became the 39th full member (non-test playing) of the Asian Cricket Council in 2016. It ranks 28th in the global T20 world ranking. 

Cricket in Saudi Arabia 

The first references to cricket in Saudi Arabia was in 1960. Organised cricket was developed by the mid-1970s when associations were formed. The legal status to organise cricket events was attained in 2003, and during the same year Saudi Arabia also obtained the status of a country participating in international cricket events.

Registered Cricket Associations under SACF 

Currently, there are 15 regional cricket associations affiliated with Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation based in 11 cities of Saudi Arabia.

Facilities and events

•    370 registered cricket clubs, with over 7200 registered players
•    Over 9000 junior cricketers
•    107 cricket grounds
•    2 cricket academies
•    3 AstroTurf wickets
•    43 certified level 1 coaches
•    28 certified level 2 Cricket Coaches 
•    03 qualified Coach Educators
•    215 Elementary Level qualified Umpires
•    51 certified Level 1 Umpires
•    09 certified Level 2 Umpires
•    3 major national competitions annually 
•    12 inter-school age group competitions (U-13, U-16, U-19)