Uzbekistan Cricket Federation

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Postal Address25A, Husniabad MFY, Yunusabad district, 2 block, Tashkent city, The Republic of Uzbekistan
Telephone+998 95 476-50-50
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Year Joined2022
History of cricket

The Cricket Federation of Uzbekistan was founded in November 2019. It started to deploy cricket in Uzbekistan from the 2020 year on when the board of directors was formed within the federation. The federation’s aim is to develop cricket in Uzbekistan, promote among youth, train the best cricket athletes, and breaking records in World Championship.

International competition and developing the game

“The game of cricket started to play in Tashkent in 2007 from the UK Embassy pioneering a friendly match among the embassies of cricket playing nations operating in Uzbekistan. 
The prime objective of the CFU is to improve the level of cricket by bringing it to a national level and to gain recognition of ICC. Thus, CFU became an Associate member of ICC in the July 2022

The popularity and diversity of the cricket is increasing day by day and reaching to its heights through the contribution of government official bodies and local businessmen.

In 2020 CFU created a women’s team with the association of the University of Sports and Physical Education. Cricket is becoming popular among the female students of the various universities as well 
The CFU objective is to take Cricket to the U19 World Cup at an initial stage and then produce National team players to participate for the forthcoming World Cups gradually.