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ICC position statement regarding the USACA Special General Meeting on 8 April 2017

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The ICC has today confirmed that the constitution which USACA has sent to its members ahead of a Special General Meeting (SGM) on 8 April does not incorporate all of the requirements laid down by the ICC Board and does not therefore fully satisfy one of the express conditions of membership reinstatement previously imposed by the ICC.

In contrast, the proposed constitution which the ICC provided to USACA was unanimously approved by the ICC Board and is the result of a lengthy project involving a considerable stakeholder consultation process led by an independently appointed Sustainable Foundation Advisory Group (SFAG) to create a governance model for cricket in the USA.

Aimed at unifying the currently fractured cricket community, facilitating USACA’s efforts to be reinstated as a member of the ICC and allowing cricket to flourish at all levels for the benefit of the whole sport in the U.S, the constitution was sent to USACA, who were also involved in its development, for adoption by its membership. A summary of the main points underlying the ICC Board endorsed governance structure can be found here.

However, USACA has recently shared an alternative constitution with its members which has not been approved by the ICC Board.

Whilst much of the alternative constitution proposed by USACA is based on the governance structure proposed by the SFAG and ICC Board, there are certain key elements missing that are central to the ability of a future USACA being effective at unifying all of the stakeholders of the sport in the USA.

Among other things, this includes the absence of the requirement to have an independent Chairman for the transitionary period, a reduction in the number of individual member directors and a corresponding increase in the number of league directors, and an election process that is controlled by the existing USACA Board.

These issues have been made very clear to USACA, and the ICC Board will be considering the outcome of the 8 April SGM as well as the status of USACA’s compliance with all other reinstatement conditions as part of its determination of USACA’s future position as a member of the ICC, and whether to propose a motion to expel, reinstate or otherwise, at its April Board meeting.

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