Nasir Hossain banned for two years under anti-corruption code

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Bangladesh cricketer and franchise player Nasir Hossain has been banned from all cricket for two years, with six months of that suspended, after he accepted three charges of breaching the Emirates Cricket Board’s Anti-Corruption Code.

Hossain, who was charged by the ICC (in its capacity as the Designated Anti-Corruption Official under the ECB Code) in September 2023, admitted the following three charges:

Charge No. 1 – Breach of Article 2.4.3 of the Code, in that he failed to disclose to the Designated Anti-Corruption Official (without unnecessary delay) the receipt of a gift that was offered to him that had a value of over US$750, namely the gift of a new iPhone 12.

Charge No. 2 – Breach of Article 2.4.4 of the Code, in that he failed to disclose to the Designated Anti-Corruption Official full details of the approach or invitation he received to engage in Corrupt Conduct via the new iPhone 12.

Charge No. 3 - Breach of Article 2.4.6 of the Code, in that he failed or refused, without compelling justification, to cooperate with the Designated Anti-Corruption Official’s investigation in relation to possible Corrupt Conduct under the Code, including (without limitation) failing to provide accurately and completely any information and/or documentation requested by the Designated Anti-Corruption Official (whether as part of a formal Demand pursuant to Article 4.3 or otherwise) as part of such investigation.

Under the provisions of the Code, Mr Hossain has chosen to admit to the charges and has agreed to the sanction in the place of an Anti-Corruption Tribunal hearing.

Subject to him satisfying the conditions in respect of the suspended part of the sanction, he will be free to resume international cricket on 7 April 2025.

A full reasoned decision is available here.

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